New Products | 10 May 2018



Do not miss latest innovations from Bridor

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Discover Bun’n’Roll. No need to wonder why this product won the Snacking d’Or 2017! Made from a delicious croissant dough, this flaky, spiral-shaped bun is the ideal base for stunning top-quality burgers, breakfast or desserts. The only limit is your imagination!


The Extravagants
Be surprised with the range “Extravagant”. When indulgence and Bridor innovation come together, make way for new Viennese pastries. Discover this new range made with 100% pure butter with intense taste for an explosion of flavours in the mouth. Discover also surprising textures: crunchy, soft and tender as well as colourful toppings for a very indulgent appearance
A Viennese pastry that won’t go unnoticed!

The Extravagant Muesli - Blueberry!

An experience that combines pleasure and well-being! When crunchy muesli is combined with the fruitiness and slightly tangy taste of blueberries, the result is an Extravagant that meet current trends. With a rolled-oat topping, it has an incomparable texture and meets growing demand for well-being!

The Extravagant Raspberry

Like a New York cheesecake... An Extravagant with a rich centre, where the sweetness of cream cheese meets the delicate acidity of raspberries. Its pink sugar topping makes it unique and crunchy.

The Extravagant triple chocolate

What could be more indulgent than a recipe with 3 types of chocolate? An Extravagant for chocolate lovers with three types of chocolate, white, dark and milk, giving you three different flavours and textures!



Discover “B Break” a new range of fully baked breads! Designed to be eaten on their own with a thin crust and a tender texture. Try different flavours for every moment of consumption, from breakfast to appetizer with Cocoa-Chocolate chips, Muesli or Chorizo, they are easy to use; just 45 minutes to defrost and they are ready to serve!

B’Break Cocoa-Chocolate chips
The traditional and must-have “total chocolate”! A large quantity of chocolate chips with at least 50% cocoa and cocoa powder for an intense taste.

B’Break Muesli
The one that combines enjoyment and balance! Enjoy “Home-made” muesli mix made from 5 cereals and dried fruits free of preservatives (Honey, Raisins, Dried apricots, Whole hazelnuts, Cranberries, Rolled oats), enhanced with a dash of honey for a naturally sweet note.

B’Break Chorizo
Discover B’Break Chorizo perfect for appetiser with very high-quality chorizo, free of colourants and smoked over beech wood.

Discover the new whipped ganache macaroon recipe from Bridor. They are lighter, smoother, rounder and lower in fat, thanks to whipped ganache made with white chocolate, cream (35% fat) and flavouring (such as fruit puree).

Taste 3 different assortments with exquisite flavours:

Spring Summer Macaroon Collection: Orange blossom, Strawberry, Blackcurrant, Coconut, Apricot & Rose.

Autumn Winter Macaroon Collection: Banana, Clementine, Chocolate hazelnut, Salted chocolate, Red berries violet & Apple cinnamon.

Assorted Macaroons: Lemon, Salted caramel, Raspberry, Vanilla, Chocolate, Pistachio, Coffee & Passion fruit.