Product collection | 1 August 2022



We are very pleased to announce that our new 2022 Product Collection catalogue is now out.

Discover our new catalogue full of Inspiration with a selection of premium products and ingredients for pastry and cuisine.





Chocolate, Pralines & Other Pastry Ingredients

Experience the finest chocolates in the world with our selection of Grand Chocolates including dark, milk, white and blond chocolates as well as Valrhona’s exciting Inspiration Fruit range.

We also offer Belgium and Swiss chocolate couvertures for a complete selection of chocolate profiles. Discover our grand pralines collection with its full spectrum of intense flavours.


Technical & Dairy Ingredients

From everyday pastry ingredients, for glazing or coating, to more advanced technical products for creating exciting textures, or ensuring freshness, we’ve got you covered!

This section also includes the cornerstones of pastry – flour, sugar, cream and butter.


Pastry Decoration

Make your pastry creations unique with the personalisation optio. Get inspired by a wide range of 3D decorations, chocolate pieces, transfer sheets, shiny powders and colourings.

Don’t miss the latest trends with our special drinks decorations and fondant print sheets.


Petit Fours, Chocolate Bars & Bonbons

Find the perfect solutions for your afternoon teas, banqueting and cocktail parties to delight your customers.

From chocolate bonbons, nibbles, sweet nuts and macarons to petit fours we are glad to offer you a large choice of sweet delicacies.



Find a large selection of ready-to-bake bread with delicious recipes presented as individual rolls, breads for sharing and for banqueting. We also have an amazing range of Danish products, from classic recipes to more trendy options as well as a selection of gluten-free products.

Discover also our new Frozen Pastry Desserts collection by Classic Fine Foods created by our Head of Culinary Development Denis Dramé  MCA to bring you high-quality and convenient pastry solutions.




Bring the flavours of the sea to your table with our wide range of seafood, from our 100% French origin caviar to our shelled, flash-frozen raw lobster.

Taste the difference in prawns and oysters of various origins, enjoy Scottish smoked salmon or take endless culinary inspiration with King Salmon from New Zealand.


Meat and Charcuterie


We select only the best producers to bring you the best meat from around the world.

Our meat offer has been extended with a large choice of the best quality Japanese and Australian Wagyu, USDA and Argentinian beef as well as lamb, veal, pork De Bellota 100% Iberico, suckling pigs, duck, quail, pigeon and poultry on offer.

The Charcuterie section includes the best regional products from Spain, Italy, France and England with a great selection of cured hams, salami, charcuterie de Bellota 100% Iberico with its unique taste, and delicious saucissons made using only the finest ingredients.



Grace your tables with our handmade churned butter portions. Discover our great selection of cheeses curated by our team of cheese experts with British cheeses from renowned local farms to Continental cheeses from French-protected areas.

Not forgetting accompaniments and kitchen essentials to cover all your needs. And no kitchen would be complete without butter and cream, so please find our broad range here.



Discover our large selection of olive oils and wine vinegars to stock your dry store, as well as exceptional aromatic oils and vinegars for the finest dressings and sauces.

We also have a fantastic range of gourmet salts, peppers, herbs & spices with their infinite range of flavours sure to delight any palate.



A menu is not outstanding if it is not accompanied by the perfect tipple.

Choose from a selection of traditional French Champagnes or why not try something new with our non-alcoholic grape juices. Give your customers the pleasure of tasting exquisite 100% natural juices and nectars pressed from fruit at the peak of their ripeness.

We also offer an extensive range of fresh fruit purées for all your cocktail needs.


Convenient Solutions


Either for pastry or cuisine, our selection of convenient solutions is at your disposal to help you prepare banquets, afternoon teas and other social events.

We have a full range of large bread sheets, savoury tart shells and mini cones, as well as a range of frozen buffet products such as blinis, brioches & navettes. All are carefully selected for their high-quality ingredients and versatility to satisfy all your needs.

We know your time is precious, so we are delighted to offer you a complete range of convenience products to save you time and energy, without compromising on quality. Discover our ready-to-use options such as sweet tart shells and mini cones.



With Classic Harvest we want to offer to you the best selection of SEASONAL and HIGH-QUALITY fruit & vegetables coming from the best farmers in the UK and Europe.

Each variety has been carefully selected by our dedicated, expert Fruit & Vegetable team at Classic Fine Foods, to offer ABSOLUTE FRESHNESS & INCREDIBLE TASTE!

Discover our Menu Planner to help you create your menus throughout the year using the best fresh produce on the market!



CFF ALT is our new range of plant-based products offering easy options to cover everything from breakfast, room service, banqueting and even fine dining.

Easy swap outs for meat and dairy, covering both pastry and cuisine.

More and more people are opting to have a flexitarian diet, not cutting out meat & dairy, but reducing their consumption and consuming better quality.

Our plant-based vision is to expand our offering substantially over the next 12 months to cover every part of a chef's needs and allow your patrons to make sustainable choices.



Don’t wait any longer! Our new catalogue is accessible online, get access to detailed information on more than 2,300 products with additional features on our new interactive platform:

✔️ Real-life reading experience.

✔️ View it any time, anywhere and from any device.

✔️ Learn more about our partners with the videos included

✔️Access product information details on our website by clicking on the product pictures.




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