New Products | 12 November 2018

Apple Surette:
for new culinary possibilities

Apple Surette:

One of the latest additions to our product portfolio is Apple Surette, a fantastic innovative product opening new culinary possibilities. Surette is a French Canadian word used to describe a flavour that is slightly acidulated. The goal behind Surette is to unveil overlooked acidulated flavours by enhancing the natural astringent interactions present in fresh fruits and vegetables, and then see how far they go!  As an example, to craft the Apple Surette, they handpicked and cold-pressed a blend of selected varieties of apples from family farms located in the village of Saint-Joseph-du-Lac in Quebec. Then they slowly concentrated the juice in small batch by mild evaporation until the best rascal match ended up giving more room to Mother Malic, an organic-acid that is naturally present in apples, resulting in an singular acidulated condiment.

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As soon as you remove the lid of Apple Surette, you can smell the intensive, complex bouquet that wafts from the blend of 35 specially chosen apples that are assembled in every single bottle. You will be surprised by the delicate hint of residual sugar surrounding a sapid acidity that naturally purifies the palate. Each sip has your taste buds jostling the burst of flavours and fruity fragrance. Finally, the gustative pleasure ends with an aftertaste which reveals the long lasting but subtle apple flavour.

Another great thing about Surette brand is that they choose their apples for their taste and not their looks! They are happy to use apples that are too big, too small or not pretty enough for the retail market. Waste not, want not… and since the quality and taste of these aesthetically unwanted apples are just perfect, they become beautiful to the palate as they become part of Surette.

There are so many ways to use Apple Surette; the only limit is your imagination… You can add it to vinaigrettes to enhance your salads, or add a splash to a dark liquor cocktail. You can use it as a finishing touch to raw fish or grilled meat as you would a great balsamic vinegar.  It is also great as a sweet and sour condiment in marinades or as a new ingredient to play with and add to your desserts.

Launched a year ago in New York, Apple Surette is now on the menus of the most elegant tables, including Michelin starred restaurants and has already convinced many of the world’s renowned chefs including Daniel Humm (Eleven Madison Park), Daniel Boulud (Daniel), Enrique Olvera & Daniela Soto-Innes (Cosme), Riad Nasr (Frenchette) and Ignacio Mattos (Flora Bar) to name but a few.

Vincent Menager, executive chef at Me Hotel, London tried the product for the first time a few months ago and used it in the creation of his recipe “Partridge with brandy and apple Surette sauce” for our Christmas Collection. Here is what he thinks about the product: “Apple Surette is my discovery of the year! I’d never heard of it before but as soon as I tried it my mind start working on a million ways to use it. It’s great with game and savoury winter dishes where it brings both sweetness and a touch of sourness. What is more surprising is that it goes equally well with desserts and chocolate. Just amazing!”

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