Events | 21 June 2018

Cap'Recette London 2018
Launch Party

Cap'Recette London 2018

On June 11th, Capfruit together with Classic Fine Foods held an event to launch the new Cap’Recette 2018. Cap’Recette is a magazine of recipes that is edited annually and features chefs from a specific country. The first edition was launched in 2008 and today the magazine is distributed to 10,000 professionals worldwide. This year, 15 chefs from the London scene are featured and Alistair Birt, Head pastry chef at Harrods, is the Presiding Chef for this edition.

Capfruit and Classic Fine Foods had the pleasure of inviting all contributing chefs to the Cap’Recette, together with VIP clients to join them for an exciting cruise on the River Thames. This enabled everyone on board to experience a perfect London skyline as a backdrop whist discovering and tasting the creations featured in the Cap’Recette book.

The event took place on the Elizabethan Boat, a beautiful replica of an 1890’s stern-wheeled Mississippi paddle steamer and one of the most desirable boats for hire on the River Thames.

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All the guests discovered an amazing buffet of the desserts featured in Cap’Recette including the Strawberry and yuzu dome by Alistair Birt, the Mango and passion fruit mille-feuille by David Girard, the Pineapple calamansi tart by Heather Kaniuk, the Blackcurrant and apple delight by Mourad Khiat, the Raspberry eclairs by Joakim Prat and many more.  

A speech was made by Thomas Egri and Guillaume Stasioli from Capfruit, along with Emma Aiton-Scott from Classic Fine Foods. Each participating chef was congratulated and presented with a diploma and an award for their contributions to the Cap’Recette.

All the guests then had the great surprise of seeing the roof of the boat open to blue skies and sunshine above. The boat then departed Butler’s Wharf for a lovely cruise along the Thames. Guests had the pleasure of enjoying the beautiful London sunshine, an opportunity to network and most importantly, to taste the recipes from the buffet. Savoury treats where also on offer and were prepared by the team from B Bakery.

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Thank you again to all the chefs for creating a recipe for Cap’Recette London 2018!

Alistair Birt, Baptiste Frement, Chris Seddon, Daniel Pearse, David Girard, Denis Dramé, Gabriel Le Quang, Heather Kaniuk, Joakim Prat, Kelly Nadjarian, Lewis Wilson, Ludwig Hely, Michael Wignall, Mourad Khiat, Sarah Barber.

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Alistair Birt

Strawberry and Yuzu Dome with Capfruit strawberry puree and yuzu puree


Baptiste Frement

Afternoon Tea: Cherrymome Fingers with Capfruit cherrymone puree, Orange scones with Capfruit orange zest, Abriconilla Macaron with Capfruit abriconilla puree, Mango passion fruit and coconut tartlets with Capfruit passion fruit puree and ‘Vintage’ coconut puree, Raspberry choux with Capfruit raspberry puree


Chris Seddon

Red berries Banana and Pecan Entremets with Capfruit banana puree, strawberry puree, raspberry puree, blackcurrant puree, lemon puree and mandarin puree


Daniel Pearse

Tea time with Capfruit bergamot puree, mandarin puree and lemon zest


David Girard

Mango & passion fruit Mille-Feuille with Capfruit mango Alphonso puree, passion fruit puree and mandarin puree


Denis Drame

Almond Croissants with Capfruit raw almond puree and orange puree


Gabriel Le Quang

Lemon and Lime Tarts with Capfruit lemon puree, yuzu puree, lemon zest and lime zest


Heather Kaniuk

Pineapple Calamansi Tart with Capfruit pineapple puree and calamansi puree


Joakim Prat

Raspberry Éclairs with Capfruit raspberry puree and raspberry IQF


Kelly Nadjarian

Banoffee pie with Capfruit banana puree


Lewis Wilson

Exotic Mousse with Mango with Capfruit mango puree and ‘Vintage’ coconut puree


Ludwig Hely

Frozen Grapefruit with Capfruit lime puree, calamansi puree, orange puree, mandarin puree, blood orange puree, lemon puree, pink grapefruit puree and lemon zest



Michael Wignall

Eel with Capfruit green apple ‘Granny Smith’ puree


Mourad Khiat

Blackcurrant and apple delight with Capfruit blackcurrant puree and green apple ‘Granny Smith’ puree


Sarah Barber

Woodland Forest with Capfruit blackcurrant IQF, lemon zest and blackcurrant puree