Seasonal collections | 27 September 2018

Celebrate 2018 Halloween
with us

Celebrate 2018 Halloween

There's no denying that summer is over and the autumn leaves begin to fall, but it's the beginning of a new season with exciting events to enjoy... Are you ready to celebrate Halloween with us? We like Valrhona chocolate, Capfruit fruit purees, treats with PCB chocolate pieces and not forgetting Silikomart moulds and so many more spooky products, to celebrate this event! Discover our Halloween selection below.



Spooky Treats with Valrhona Collection

Bring exceptional taste to your creations with the best chocolate couvertures with Valrhona. Choose among the wide range of dark, milk, white or blond chocolate couvertures such as Azelia 35% the perfect harmony between chocolate, milk and hazelnuts, Opalys 33% the whitest of white chocolates or Orelys 35% blond chocolate liquorice and creamy with its gourmet biscuit notes.


Scary Desserts with Capfruit fruit purees

Be inspired by a large range of fruit purees to help you with your fruit creations for this 2018 Halloween. You can choose among orchard fruits, tropical fruits, red fruits, citrus fruits or exceptional seasonal flavours such as Mandarin Chestnut and Apple Baked.


Creepy decorations with PCB Creation

Don't forget also our bespoke options. We offer a large range of products to be personalised, including chocolate decorations and transher sheets to add your personal touch to your creations!


Frightening Moulds with Silikomart

Silikomart provides the best foodgrade silicone moulds for your creations. They only use the highest quality commercial Silicone: 100% liquid platinium silicone to offer you the best. Silikomart offers a wide range of moulds with a unique design to bring an innovative touch to your creations.