Seasonal collections | 9 January 2019

Celebrate Easter
with us

Celebrate Easter

This year, we are proud to offer our clients 6 egg-citing offers on their favourite items. So, don’t miss our attractive discounts and free products. You can get up to 15% on Valrhona Easter eggs Collection and free artwork for any of your PCB Creation personalisation or example.

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The Valrhona Eggs Collection

Valrhona‘s Easter Collection is full of surprises with a large choice of eggs and packaging. You can also find great tips for showing off your Easter range on your premises and boosting your sales.

You can choose from an extensive selection of eggs: foil-wrapped eggs, twist-wrapped eggs and foil-free eggs. And, there is something for everyone with gull’s eggs, layered eggs, candy-coated eggs, almond & hazelnut praline eggs and grands crus ganache eggs such has Taïnori 64% dark chocolate and Tanariva 33% milk chocolate.  For a younger audience, why don’t you look at the Woodland animals collection or the Xoco families?

Valrhona’s new products include a range of fruity praline 55% eggs with Italian hazelnuts, available in dark, milk, dulcey and white. They also have new packaging with the Easter Box and the Children’s Easter Box. As well as protecting your products, the new Easter-special designer packaging will delight customers little and not-so-little alike! All that’s left for you to do is fill them with their favourite chocolates, such as eggs or flat-sided moulded products.

We have a fantastic Valrhona offer available from January 9th 2019 to April 30th 2019 with up to 15% off on the whole Easter eggs and moulded products range.

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The Valrhona Chocolate Couverture Collection

We have put together a selection of couverture for your Easter creation with 10% off when you buy any 9kg. It includes Manjari 64% dark chocolate, Azelia 35% milk chocolate, Ivoire 35% white chocolate and Dulcey 32% blond chocolate. Manjari 64% dark chocolate offers tangy and red fruits fruit flavours. This Single Origin dark chocolate from Madagascar is made from rare cocoa beans giving it a fresh, acidic, sharp bouquet. The gourmet aromas unleashed after even the tiniest nibble make Azelia 35% milk chocolate irresistible. Various chocolate and toasted hazelnut notes elegantly combine on the palate. The beauty of Azélia is that it provides ultimate gourmet flavours while remaining pleasingly light. A white chocolate with only a hint of sugar, Ivoire35% white chocolate reveals its warm milk aromas topped off with light vanilla notes. Dulcey 32% blond chocolate boasts a blond colour, a creamy, unctuous texture and an intensely delicious cookie flavour with only a hint of sweetness, which gives way to generous shortbread notes with a pinch of salt.


The Valrhona Inspiration Collection

After the launch of Inspiration Strawberry, Passion fruit and Almond in February 2018, Valrhona is extending the Inspiration range with two new flavours: Yuzu and Raspberry!

Yuzu is a unique, subtle fruit that has become famous all over the world. Its naturally tangy flavour blends perfectly with dark chocolate, coconut and aromatic herbs. Inspiration Yuzu gives you yuzu as you have never seen it before, worked with it, or tasted it. Imagine using yuzus’ intense flavour and natural color in your next recipes – The possibilities are simply endless…

Light, gourmet raspberry is the queen of berries and it stands out for its delicate balance of sweet and tart flavours. Raspberry Inspiration gives you a candied raspberry flavour that is subtly teamed with all the bright, natural color you would expect.

To celebrate the latest addition to the Inspiration family, we have a fantastic offer for all our clients with 10% off when you buy 6kg of Inspiration couverture (offers includes the whole range with the five different flavours).

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In the new PCB Creation Spring Summer 2019 Collection, you will find a large choice of products for Easter. As usual they come up with thousands of ideas that will blow your mind. And, make sure you enjoy our offer on all the decorations, transfer sheets and colouring as we have up to 15% off on the whole catalogue, including the Pure Emotion and Classics range!

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PCB Creation Pure Emotion range for Easter

Launched in June 2018, the Pure Emotion range from PCB Creation has been described  as a revolution in the world of decoration. They have now extended the range with a large choice of products to make fantastic Easter creations.

Pure Emotion is a range of decorations and ingredients made entirely from natural raw materials. In this range, PCB Creation offer products with 100% natural ingredients: No colourings, No preservatives, No added aromas. In this range, you will only find three groups of ingredients: chocolates, sugars and other derivatives from plant-based materials (fruit, herbs, flowers, cocoa, starch…).

PCB Creation Classics range for Easter

Here you will discover all the magic of the traditional PCB products. New distinguishing decorations, transfers to brighten up your creations and colour to showcase your creations.


The Bespoke options

Why don’t you really stand out from the crowd this year with something really unique for your establishment? An Easter or Spring-inspired personalisation would be perfect. And, for any personalisation between January 9th and April 30th 2019, you will get a free artwork!



We have selected the most innovative moulds from our partners to create our Easter moulds Collection and give you a chance to create something truly exceptional this Easter. And, the good surprise is that, for any two moulds, you will get 10% off.

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Silikomart silicone moulds

From the very beginning, Silikomart chose to be known for exceptional quality. For this reason, all production is entirely made in Italy and utilises only the highest quality commercial silicone: 100% liquid platinum silicone. Discover their Collection of silicone eggs for Easter.


PCB Creation moulds

Whatever style you're looking for, these entremet moulds will fit the bill. Their simple and pure shapes will allow you to be as bold as you dare. There is a wide range of choices, including neutral moulds, printed moulds and moulds for entremets.


Polycarbonate moulds

We are proud to bring to our offering a range of polycarbonate moulds with a plain egg mould, available in six different sizes, including two king sizes to create amazing displays.



We have put together an Easter recipe booklet with the best recipes from our partners. It includes moulding recipes as well as Spring-inspired recipes and we hope you will enjoy it.

Click here to download our Easter recipe booklet