Seasonal collections | 30 April 2018

Celebrate the Football World Cup 2018
with us

Celebrate the Football World Cup 2018

Enjoy the special "World Champions" range from PCB Creation!

Thrill everyone for 5 weeks at the rhythm of the Football World Cup by decorating your creations with the colours of your favourite team.

Discover decorating solutions such as dessert kits, boutique products and customisation options for your bakery and pastry creations. There are so many possibilities for your individual desserts, cakes, bakery products, macaroons, ice creams or chocolate candies.

Click here to download our Football World Cup 2018 Collection.

PCB Creation shop products

During the Football World Cup, replace your traditional chocolate lollipops with football players! And don’t forget the customisation options. Customisation is perfect to enhance your brand or establishment or to have your creations matching the theme of your event. We offer a large range of products to be personalised. With PCB Creation, the only limit is your imagination!

Decorations for individual desserts

Cupcake picks and chocolate decoration are ideal for individual desserts and ice creams. They bring a fine and delicate touch to your creations. You can also decorate your cakes with a little football or make original chocolate candies with the football shell. Imagine different ganaches to create the chocolate box of the perfect supporter and dazzle your customers. « Signets » can give a very special look to your bakery products or macaroons and the transfer sheets will help you create eye catching chocolate candies.  

PCB World Cup Challenge

Everybody wins with customisation!

Enter the PCB World Cup Challenge to win a wonderful gift!

1.            Customize your own World Cup Decoration

2.            Take a picture of your pastry creation or the showcase in your shop

3.            Share it on your Instagram account and mention



4.            After the Football World Cup, PCB will pick the nicest picture.