Seasonal collections | 16 November 2018

Celebrate Valentine's day
with us

Celebrate Valentine's day

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Bring more love to your tables and seduce your guests with products that will bring a special touch to Valentine’s Day and make you stand out from the crowd. Bordier offers a limited edition of their handmade churned butter hearts in a choice of unsalted, semi-salted or espelette portions. We also have the perfect Valentine’s day present with Sturia Gift boxes: The Galuchat box and the “ruban” (ribbon) gift box. They are both available featuring the four different types of caviar: Primeur, Vintage, Origin and Oscietra.  

Varlhona offers a range of heart-shaped bonbons in 7 flavours including Jivara Milk Chocolate, Raspberry Dark Chocolate and Vanilla White Chocolate. They also have a selection of all-year around bonbons that thanks to their pink colours and surprising flavours would make a great addition to your Valentine’s Day menu. Try the Promesse Griotte Tonka Dark Chocolate or the Granité Raspberry Litchi Dark Chocolate for example.   

You can also create a unique chocolate dessert for the occasion and we would recommend using Inspiration Strawberry, Opalys, Bahibe or Illanka. Inspiration strawberry offers an intense, gourmet flavour of strawberry confit with the unique texture of chocolate while Opalys 33% white chocolate is the whitest of white chocolates with delicate, creamy delicate flavours. Bahibé Lactée Pure Dominican Republic 46% milk chocolate is so rich it is almost a dark chocolate, with all the power of cocoa and the smoothness of milk, with a fruity tang and a slight bitterness. Illanka Pure Peru 63% dark chocolate is made with Grand Blanco beans and offers an exceptionally creamy texture with a strong tangy hit and subtle flavours of gourmet black fruits.

Red fruits are definitely a big hit when it comes to Valentine’s Day so let’s have a look at our range from Capfruit. Their strawberry puree is the result of a blending of several varieties, all of which are picked only when at full maturity and their raspberry puree has a highly developed aroma with an authentic colour and taste. The redcurrants used in Capfruit purees are grown in France, in the Bourgogne region and the Oise department and picked only when fully ripe. Only slightly sweet, the flesh of the small currant has an acidic taste and is very juicy, since more than 82% of the flesh is water. Let’s also have a look at their 'Seasonal flavours'. Berriolette puree is a mix of raspberry and wild blueberries with violet while the raspberry, lychee and rose puree offers an explosion of freshness on the tongue and a delicate fruit flavour.

Benoit Blin, Head Pastry Chef at the Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons has created a Vacherin with raspberry sorbet and Tahiti cream, rose and lychee jelly and English rose Marshmallows using Capfruit raspberry, lychee and rose puree. Nick Bril, chef of the award winning restaurant The Jane in Antwerp has created Miss Berriolette, using the Capfruit’s iconic Berriolette puree.

We also have some candied Amarena cherries from Corsiglia and a range of fantastic products from Sosa including crystallised rose petals, rose sugar and strawberry sugar. You can add some crunchiness to your creations with the red fruits croquant paste from Marguerite and why not try adding a touch of acidity with our new La Surette apple! This creation made in Canada can be combined with numerous ingredients and the flavour explosion when paired with chocolate.... A marriage made in taste bud heaven!

You create the taste but PCB Creation is there to add the final visual touch to your desserts with their fantastically romantic moulds celebrating love and passion as well as a range of original decorations and transfer sheets.






You want ‘natural’?  Then don’t miss the new Pure Emotion range from PCB. Without any colourings, Pure Emotion will meet all your expectations when it comes to visual aspect, taste, ease of use and 1,001 ways in which you can use the products in this amazing range. PCB uses a freeze-drying process which consists of two main steps : quick freezing of the product and sublimation in water. Compared to other food-drying preservation processes such as dehydrating, freeze-drying allows the fresh colour and taste of products to be preserved. It also enables around 95% of the nutritional qualities of the fresh product to be preserved (notably elements sensitive to heat and oxidation), whereas dehydrating only preserves around 50%. These products, which have lost 95% of their water content, can be kept for at least 12 months. Due to the freeze-drying process carried out under specific pressure conditions, the products have an enlarged appearance. Especially, in the case of powders, this can make them easier to work with and to rehydrate; this can be 4 to 6 times faster than for dehydrated products, for example.

And, why not go for love-ly high quality silicone moulds from Silikomart? You can only be seduced by their original shapes.

So, now we are all sorted for the Valentine’s day dinner, let’s focus on the next morning. What about a nice breakfast or brunch to prolong a memorable evening? We can offer you mouth-watering juices and nectars from Alain Milliat including pomegranate juice, strawberry nectar, raspberry nectar and lychee nectar. For a more gourmet breakfast, have a look at the latest range from Bridor. Their Extravagant range is sure to add some surprises to your offering with their Raspberry Extravagant, a cheesecake style recipe with crunchy pink sugar or Blueberry & Muesli Extravagant with almonds, malted wheat flakes and rolled oats. 

And, last but not least; be inspired by some great recipes from Franck Michel MOF (Pastry consultant and Winner of the Pastry World Cup 2006), Francois Perret (The Ritz, Paris), Cyrille Courant (1789 Café Patisserie, Tapei, Taiwan) and our chefs from TheTasteLab: Denis Dramé MCA & Sarju Ranavaya. In his recipe, Franck Michel uses PCB’s “cushion” mould and makes us dream with his great combination of spicy sablé streusel, red sour cherry and ginger filling and an almond mousse. We completely fall under the spell of Francois Perret’s recipe. He uses the bitten heart mould from PCB and creates a pure delight with a raspberry caramel cream, vanilla mousse and chocolate crunch. Cyrille Courant uses Capfruit’s Berriolette puree for his lip mousse cake with lemon sablé, raspberry compote, berriolette mousse, lychee cream and Italian meringue. And, finally, let’s have a look at what TheTasteLab team has created for Valentine’s day! Denis Dramé MCA and Sarju Ranavaya bring some passion and love to the table with two recipes: a bonbon with Valrhona Inspiration strawberry and Opalys 33% white chocolate and a ‘petit gateau’ with Capfruit’s raspberry, litchi and rose puree with PCB Creation Pure Emotion raspberry cocoa butter and PCB Creation Valentine’s day decorations.    

Click here to download our Valentine’s Day Collection.