Seasonal collections | 17 October 2018

Cheese, Butter and Bread
for Christmas

Cheese, Butter and Bread

Enjoy some of our latest products from our partners such as our selection of festive cheeses, butters and breads for your Christmas tables.



Christmas Cheese Board from Bordier

Disvover the new amazing Christmas cheese selection from Bordier!

  • Delice de l’Ecureuil: This Camembert may have come straight from the farmhouse, but it’s all dressed up for Christmas! Unadulterated cream gives the cheese its smooth creamy centre with all the taste of a true Camembert plus crunchy walnuts and hazelnuts to titillate the taste buds.
  • Douceur de Romans: Take a traditional cheese from Romans. Let it mature in Bordier’s caves for 10 days and then add honey and cinnamon. Nectar for the festivities of the gods on Mount Olympus …Simply divine!
  • Kalie: This goat cheese is made in the countryside around Rennes and brings you that indescribable taste of goat cheeses perfectly complemented by the black Kalamata olives layered through the cheese.
  • Truffé du Dauphiné: All the creaminess of a PGI Saint Marcellin with the added pleasure of all the scents of the forest and wonderful truffles. What an end to a meal!
  • Bemontois: Made with unpasteurised milk in the artisan dairy run since 1993 by Philippe Geinoz and his family in the French speaking part of Switzerland, this Tomme is a firm cheese with that perfect salt crystal texture and the delicate scent of warm milk.
  • Hercule vieux: A wheel of this semi-firm, cooked and pressed cheese weighs in at 4 kg and ripening it for between 16 and 20 weeks probably accounts for its name – Old Hercules! It’s made in the Béarn from a mixture of goat’s and ewe’s milk, giving a smooth, melt-in-the-mouth cheese with aromas of warm milk and hazelnuts.


Handmade Churned Butter Portions from Bordier

Discover 2 new and surprising ranges of Butter Portions!

  • Chocolate Butter with Venezuela Bean Chips: You know herb butter, now try Bordier’s chocolate butter … Smell the rich, heady aroma of cocoa beans and the warm, flowery, spice-filled aromas of fine, crispy chocolate shavings. With just a hint of sweetness and absolutely no bitter notes, it is heavenly melting slowly over white meat, a fillet of duck, kidneys or scallops. And naturally you can use it as butter.
  • Butter with Roscoff Onions: Bordier Butter with Roscoff AOP onions is the union of two everyday products very close to the heart of all Bretons: butter and the vital voluptuousness of the Roscoff onion, an earthly treat from the Breton city from which it gets its name. Sweet, salty, creamy … Difficult to describe but certain to captivate the taste buds.


Bread List with Bridor

Bridor’s walnut and fruit breads are just perfect to accompany your Christmas cheese selection. The walnut loaf from the Frédéric Lalos Collection is made from wheat and rye sourdough with large walnut pieces packed throughout the dough. This dark, versatile bread offers a touch of country rusticity and the perfect colour complement to all those pale cheeses. The fruit bread fromRecette Lenôtre professionel is another must-have to serve with cheese. Made with wheat and rye flour, every bite is packed full of flavour with its hazelnuts, dried apricots and raisins.


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