Seasonal collections | 15 October 2018

Christmas Little Extras
selection for your creations!

Christmas Little Extras

For your End-of-Year celebration dishes add pure, intense flavours to your cooking. We're glad to propose to you a selection of oils, vinegars, stocks, spices, spirits, dried fruits and nuts to enhance all your creations.



TRUEfoods, a new range of stocks

Christmas in the kitchen is always a marathon but we have a range of stocks from TRUEfoods to help you reach the finish line! They create their stocks in exactly the same way as would any high calibre chef with long, slow cooking, roasting the bones where appropriate for added flavour and straining twice through double muslin.


Christmas Mixes with Terre Exotique

Tis the Season … so why not get out these seasonings from Terre Exotique, specially formulated to add zing to your Christmas. Try their Christmas Fleur de sel, Christmas sugar, Foie gras mix, Mulled wine mix, Gingerbread mix, or Speculoos mix. The only limit is your imagination!


Truffle range from Plantin

Did you know that Plantin is not only renowned for its selection of the best truffles from France but also for its range of preserved truffles – so that you can enjoy their expertise all year long? And because the aroma of truffles is just so … moreish, they also offer truffle peelings, butter, juice, oil and salt.


Spirits selection with Distillerie du Perigord

It’s Christmas, time to splash out … and add a splash of something special to enhance your dishes. Far too good to set light to over the Christmas pudding, but we have a range of brandies and cognacs that are really going to lift your creations! Distillerie du Perigord have an exceptional range of liqueurs that added to your dishes will definitely add to the spirit of Christmas.


Don't miss our Christmas Offers!

We have more than 50 products on offer from October 1st to December 31st, including quail, Valrhona Ashanti dark chocolate, caviar tin, carabineros prawns, Label Rouge turkey, marrons glaces gift boxes and so much more!