New Products | 15 November 2018

Discover 100% natural finished decorations
& DIY decorations with PCB Creation

Discover 100% natural finished decorations

Discover Pure Emotion by PCB Creation, a whole new range of finished decorations and DIY decorations based on nature. Without any colourings, Pure Emotion will meet all your expectations when it comes to the visual aspect, taste, work methods and infinite application possibilities.

For this amazing range, PCB uses the freeze-drying process which consists of two main steps: quick freezing of the product and sublimation in water. Compared to other food-drying preservation processes such as dehydrating, freeze-drying allows the fresh colour and taste of products to be preserved. It also enables around 95% of the nutritional qualities from the fresh product to be preserved (notably elements sensitive to heat and oxidation), whereas dehydrating only preserves around 50%. These products, which have lost 95% of their water content, can be kept for at least 12 months. Due to the freeze-drying process carried out under specific pressure conditions, the products have an enlarged appearance. Especially, in the case of powders, this can make them easier to work with and to rehydrate; this can be 4 to 6 times faster than for dehydrated products, for example.  

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The fruit powders

Imagine an endless variety of uses for these 100% natural fruit or plant-based powders which will easily suit your working methods. We offer a range of different fruit powders including raspberry, strawberry, blackcurrant, barley grass powders as well as mango powder made with Alphonso mango from Ratnagiri (India), an outstanding variety.

 You can use PCB Creation Pure Emotion fruit powders for your macarons (colouring of the outer shell, a more intense fruity flavour within and a shorter reduction process time) , meringue (colouring or even sprinkling decoration ), marshmallows, ice cream (visual decorations added after the churning process which won't break down as pieces of fresh fruit would), brioche, daquoise desserts, fruit caramel (a more intense fruity flavour and a shorter reduction process time), madeleine and financier (colouring the mixture and adding a fruity flavour without affecting the cooking process).

To make creations with a harmonious balance of flavours between white chocolate and fruit, it is recommended to add 5% freeze-dried fruit powder to your covering chocolate. Please note that the use of fruit powders in milk chocolate, white caramelized chocolate, and fortiori dark chocolate, creates a more subtle colour shade than with white chocolate, all the while maintaining the intensity of the flavours. It is easy to use freeze-dried fruit powder in chocolate; you just need to add the powder to the tempered chocolate. It does not inhibit tempering and will mix in like any powdered dye or food colouring.


The fruit pieces

Pure Emotion fruit pieces can be used in mixtures, decoration, in your ice creams, chocolate bars, etc. The taste and appearance of the fruit are preserved by a specialised technology, in order to embellish, enhance or be the highlight of your creations. They are also great in cereal bars (to decorate your cereal mixes), moulded cakes and sponges (add directly to the dough), for chocolate lollipops (to decorate and add fruitiness to your chocolate) or candies/sweets (sprinkle on to add little nuggets of flavour). The range includes raspberry pieces, strawberry pieces and green figs pieces.


The finished decorations

A thin leaf, a crisp delicate shape, a simple little heart: discover a range of finished decorations bringing together chocolate and the delicate taste of fruit in a variety of masterful or original shapes. The aim of this new development by PCB Creation was to marry beautiful tender colours with the promise of 100% natural fruit.


The cocoa butters

PCB Creation has created a range of fruity cocoa butters especially for you, made from cocoa butter and freeze-dried fruit/plant powders, 100% natural, without colourings; to make a velvet effect using a spray gun or just as they are to naturally add colour to all your creations. Used in velvet on your entremets, these cocoa butters richer in fruit and fiber than a classic cocoa butter (up to 30%) are therefore less brittle, and bring more elasticity for creations with perfect visual and holding. They also bring a touch of fruity taste, a real plus to a classic cocoa butter.

Get inspired by Etienne Leroy

Discover a new recipe by Etienne Leroy. In his raspberry marshmallows, he uses PCB Creation Pure Emotion raspberry powder and raspberry pieces and it looks and tastes delicious! According to the Pastry World Champion, the Pure Emotion range is the perfect colouring alternative with a wide range of uses bringing more naturalness and authentic taste.