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Easter is the time of the year to spend some time with our loved ones again and enjoy the celebrations in company and with great food.

This year, our Easter Collection includes the most delicious products and seasonal ingredients, for cuisine and pastry, so all chefs have everything that they need to delight their guests this Easter.

Find premium Easter chocolates of the best brands including Easter eggs and other shapes, chocolate courvertures, fruit purées and pastry technical products to create the most delicious Easter pastry recipes.

In the cuisine section discover the best quality products of all categories, including fine meats from our The Classic Butcher with the best quality lamb for the seasonal dishes.  This year we also have a fantastic selection of seasonal produce selected by our Classic Harvest specialists who brings the freshest and best quality fruit and vegetables for the season.




EASTER PROMOTION! To celebrate Easter at its best, we are offering fantastic Easter deals on selected items such as premium Easter chocolates, fine fruit purées and quality lamb cuts. Take advantage today!



(Available from 1st March to 30th April | Contact Customer Service for more information and to place your order: / 020 7627 9666 | Do not forget to mention the quote).


Premium Chocolates from Valrhona.

As chocolate is the star of any Easter celebrations, our collection of premium chocolates from Valrhona include everything that you need for your Easter pastry creations and Easter egg hunts.

Valrhona Chocolate Easter Eggs.

There are chocolate eggs for everyone! The selection of Valrhona Easter eggs include all the possibilities so everyone can enjoy in different formats such as foil-grapped eggs, twist-wrapped eggs and foil-free eggs.

With different flavours and textures the premium Valrhona Easter eggs will delight everyone’s sweet tooth. Choose from creamy and melt-in-the-mouth Gianduja, Ganache, nutty & caramel praline, sophisticated layered eggs, caramel harted eggs and sugar layered speckled eggs.




EASTER01 OFFER- Valrhona Easter Eggs and Gourmet Chocolates.

🥚For any order over 10kg get 5% OFF
🥚For any order over 20kg get 10% OFF
🥚For any order over 30kg get 15% OFF

*Offer includes Valrhona eggs (excluding moulding eggs) and Easter Gourmet Chocolates from Valrhona Easter Collection 2022 page 7, pages 12-19 and pages 26-29. Valid from 1st March to 30th April. Non stock items, lead time 2 weeks. Contact Customer Service now and don’t forget to quote EASTER01.


The Valrhona Chocolate Couvertures.

The premium Chocolate Couvertures from Valrhona are a favourite option for the best Pastry Chefs around the world. The professional range includes chocolates, pralines and cocoa in all its forms, perfect for all your chocolate creations.

Each characteful chocolate couvertures capture the flavours of their terroir using cocoa carefully selected from the finest plantations in South America an Africa. These exceptionally chocolates can come from a rare limited terroir (Cuvées du Sourceur), a Grand Cru with a characteristic flavour only found in its home country (Single Origins) or a blend of several aromatic cocoas.


EASTER OFFER: EASTER02 – Valrhona Chocolate Couvertures “Taste of Spring”, Amatika and Oabika.
Buy any 9kg Valrhona couvertures from our selection get 10% OFF. Valid from 1st March to 30th April.
Contact Customer Service now and don’t forget to quote EASTER02.


Schaal Easter Chocolates

Serving chocolates since 1871, Maison Schaal is a prestigious Chocolatier that offers a wide variety of the best quality chocolates and bonbons in all forms.

With its iconic hollow mouldings, using dark, milk or white chocolate couvertures, the selection of Easter Maison SCHAAL is the perfect choice for your Easter chocolate offer.


EASTER OFFER: EASTER03 – Schaal Easter Chocolates

For any order over 10kg on our selected chocolates get 5% OFF (EXCEPT ON CHICKENS).

*Offer includes selected Easter chocolate eggs, chickens and rabbits. Non stock items, lead time 9 days. Valid from 1st March to 30th April. Contact Customer Service now and don’t forget to quote EASTER03.


Pure fruit purées by Ponthier.


The range of fruit purées from Ponthier are a favourite option for the best Pastry Chefs and Bartenders due to its quality, freshness and easiness to use.

Maison Ponthier brings over 70 years of experience sourcing the best fruits from around the world and all purées preserve the flavour and colour of the fruit making them the best option for any pastry creations and cocktail recipes this Easter.


EASTER OFFER: EASTER04 – All frozen fruit purées.

Buy any 5kg get 10% OFF.

*Offer includes all 1kg tubs and pouches in stock. Valid from 1st March to 30th April. Contact Customer Service now and don’t forget to quote EASTER04.


The technical products from Sosa.

Sosa is one of the leading manufacturers of the highest quality technical ingredients for gastronomy, pastries and ice-creams around the world.

Within our range of Sosa products, you’ll find everything you need for your culinary creations from texturisers, emulsifiers, thickening agents, sugars, decorations, powder flavours and essences, extracts and more.

Our Pastry Chef and Head of Culinary and Development Denis Dramé MCA, is available to provide you with all the details about our range of products and to answer any technical question you may have.


EASTER OFFER: EASTER05 – All Sosa ingredientes
Buy any Sosa products get 10% OFF.
* Offer available on all stock items. Valid from 1st March to 30th April. Contact Customer Service now and don’t forget to quote EASTER05.


Fine lamb cuts from Axuria Cooperative

Lamb is the main ingredient of any Easter menu and this year we are delighted to have a new partner to offer the best quality lamb cuts from the Pyrenees: Axuria Cooperative.

Axuria Cooperative offers premium Basque milk-fed lamb under the ‘Label Rouge’ and the Protected Geographic Indication, from local farms and breeders. Their values are based on three principles: Quality, authenticity and animal well-being.

It’s a truly local speciality following a tradition for centuries in which the lambs are breed only from the mother’s milk and without any nutritional supplement or treatment. The quality and values of the company make Axuria milk-fed lamb a favourite option for the best chefs around the world.


EASTER OFFER: EASTER06 – Get a 5% on selected items:
-Milk Lamb Culotte  (2 LEGS) 1.8-2.5KG (AXU200)
-Milk Lamb Coffre best end and Saddle 1.6-2.3KG (AXU300)
-Milk Lamb Shoulder 2 X 500-900G (AXU400)
-Milk Lamb Leg 1-1.5KG (AXU4000)
-Milk Lamb Leg (vac pac by 1) 900G - 1.3KG (AXU4000FR)

* Valid from 1st March to 30th April. Contact Customer Service now and don’t forget to quote EASTER06.


Fresh and best quality product from Classic Harvest

Only by using the best quality fresh ingredient you can get your Easter menus to the next level and for that, Classic Harvest offers the highest quality fruit and vegetables from the best farmers in the UK and Europe. The produce is carefully selected by our dedicated team of experts who bring freshness and incredible taste!


Our Easter Collection doesn’t end up here, and it includes many more premium ingredients and products!




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