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Enjoy a mouth-watering
Christmas game recipe

Enjoy a mouth-watering

Enjoy the perfect Christmas game recipe for a mouth-watering main course on your Christmas menu! Thank you to Vincent Menager, Executive Chef at ME Hotel who developed this flavoursome recipe for our Chirtsmas Collection. A Partridge with Brandy and Apple Surette Sauce using some of our favourite and innovative ingredients from our partners.



Since June 2017, Vincent Menager has been Executive Chef at ME Hotel London overseeing menu development for modern steakhouse STK London, Radio Rooftop Bar and chic hotel lobby bar, Marconi. Vincent has trained with some of France’s most distinguished chefs, such as Alain Ducasse, Albert Roux, Alain Dutournier and Frederic Anton. He had a long history with Sofitel Hotels working for prestigious establishments around the world, including Le Relais du Parc in Paris, Sofitel Sydney Wentworth in Australia and Sofitel Boao in China, before settling down in the UK working at Sofitel St James’ Brasserie Roux and The Balcon. He creates dishes that exploit seasonal ingredients and is constantly looking to add innovative elements to his cuisine which, in the past, have been enjoyed by the likes of Prince Harry as well as many famous mouths at events such as the BAFTAs or the British Fashion Awards - through his most recent position as Executive Chef for Rhubarb Food Design.

Discover below Chef Vincent ingredients list

Red-legged Partridge from Turners Game

The red-legged or French partridge originates from southern Europe and is slightly larger than our native grey partridge, but still only half the size of a pheasant. The taste and texture of the red partridge meat is similar to chicken, but with a stronger, more gamey taste. The young birds are naturally the most tender and after being hung for just a few days the meat is full of flavour without being too gamey.


Apple Surette from La Surette

Discover our new brand La Surette. Surette is a French-Canadian word used to describe a slightly acidic flavour. The La Surette company scours the North-American subcontinent to bring you flavours that tingle on the tongue obtained from plants and fruits encountered on a daily basis but largely unnoticed. Their Apple Surette is a condiment that’s sure to open up new culinary perspectives and add that little something extra to your dishes.

We've asked to Chef Vincent who discovered this new product and used it in his recipe what he thinks about it: "Apple Surette is my discovery of the year! I've never heard of it before but as soon as I tried it my mind start working on a million ways to use it. It's great with game and savoury winter dishes where it brings both sweetness and a touch of sourness. What is more surprising is that it goes equally well with desserts and chocolate. Just amazing!"


Pink Berries from Terre Exotique

Discovered in South America, this ‘ fake’ pepper plant was brought to Madagascar in the 19th century. Hand-sorted by the local Malgash women, you need only to crush them gently between your fingers to release their aromas of coriander and burnt juniper then sprinkle over your dishes just before serving.


Greek Olive Oil from Kalios

Think quality olive oil; think Italian, French and Spanish! But have you ever tried Greek olive oil? Kalios spent months touring the Peloponnese in search of small producers of the highest-quality oils. They now offer 4 extra-virgin monovarietal olive oils, produced from hand harvested Koroneiki olives with very low acidity (between 0.16% and 0.38%).


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