New Products | 11 May 2018



Discover specially selected New Zealand lamb from 8 family farms off the West and East Coast of New Zealand. “Tunnel Hill” is the home of Coastal Lamb and Coastal Spring Lamb. The property is owned by the Redmayne family and was purchased in 1936 by Richard Redmayne’s great grandfather for its warm location.

Guided by a passion for the foods industry and a vision to produce the highest quality lamb, these 8 heritage families have come together to create the company Coastal Lamb LTD in 2010.

Watch the video and discover the fantastic world of Coastal Lamb

This lamb grazes on grass where the salt-laden winds continually dust the herb filled pastures along the coasts. Because the lamb grazes off the salted pastures of grass and other herbs, the lamb is naturally seasoned and succulent.

There is no hormones, no antibiotics and no growth promotors. The lamb is hand selected by the farmer and sent on special Coastal lamb trucks to guarantee the lamb travels safe and humanly as possible avoiding unnecessary stress to the animal. Coastal Lamb has received the title of Supreme Winner 2016.


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