News & Events | 29 September 2021



We are proud to have launched FABLE in the UK on an exclusive event at TheTasteLab!

The FABLE Product Discovery & Tasting event was a great opportunity to showcase and learn all that it’s glorious about FABLE! It was a fantastic day in which we invited some of our customers to meet the FABLE team Ed and Mat, including an international video call with Co-founder Jim Fuller.

In addition, we had the privilege to count on the prestigious Chefs Edward Cooke and Ashley Hatton from The Fat Duck who delighted us with three different mouth-watering dishes made with FABLE and it was great to see how versatile and easy is to cook some stunning dishes with FABLE: Fable Ramen, Fable Brioche Buns and Fable Brioche Tacos.

Fable Food is the last word when eating healthy, sustainable and ethical. It’s the answer for those who want to eat tasting meat without eating animal. It’s 100% plant-based on shiitake mushrooms and it is as tasteful as pulled pork and braised beef.

Why is so delicious? Mushrooms have the same natural umami flavours that help make meat so appealing and, in addition, they aren’t just ridiculously tasty, they’re incredibly nutritious too and very versatile. Nachos, burgers, bolognese, Shepherd’s pie, curry dishes… just to name a few!

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