News & Events | 16 October 2019

Launch of our new partnership
with Westholme

Launch of our new partnership

On September 17th, we were pleased to welcome Westholme for the official launch of our partnership with an exclusive Masterclass “Savour The Art of Australian Wagyu” with guest Chef Paul Greening.

This exclusive event was a fantastic opportunity for guests to learn more about Westholme’s heritage, stations and people, while also living a culinary experience with a menu cooked by Chef Paul Greening and our in-house Meat Specialist Richard Sanders.

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Sold under the Westholme brand, the business is part of Australian Agricultural Company (AACo). Established in 1824, it is the oldest continuously operating company in Australia. The mighty Westholme herd was founded on champion Wagyu bulls and cows that came to Australia from Japan more than two decades ago and are fully traceable. AACo has carefully built on foundational Wagyu bloodlines to produce the most highly credentialed cattle to ever leave Japan.

Our guests had the privileged opportunity of tasting – and enjoying – a Wagyu based menu cooked by our guest Chef Paul Greening. Greening said:
“Cooking with Westholme is a sheer delight, it’s an absolutely formidable beef product. Its behaviour when cooking far exceed expectations, and due to the unique mixture of fat and lean, chefs can produce a consistent, premium product every single time.”

Greening’s menu included a smoked bavette tartare with Sturia Oscietra caviar, a pan roasted fillet with spiced beetroot relish, a braised brisket with celeriac puree and sliced truffle, a grilled flank steak and flat iron steak with black garlic butter and pickled turnips.

The grand finale was some barbecued Westholme Tomahawks with triple cooked chips. 

A signature taste and marbling

Westholme is grazed for two years on grass before spending a minimum of 270 days feeding on grain. Westholme cattle live free range for the first two years of their life and it is the unique blend of feed and breeding that gives Westholme its signature taste and marbling.

Classic Fine Foods is the exclusive UK distributor for Westholme. Westholme Wagyu is available in a range of cuts and sizes and can be purchased in three grades: 4-5mbs, 6-7mbs and the ultimate premium and exquisitely marbled 8-9mbs.

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