News & Events | 13 March 2017



In 2017 Classic Fine Foods UK celebrated ten years in the gourmet food business with an exclusive event, the ‘Luscious Garden Party’, held at the London Hilton on Park Lane, on Monday 13th March, graced by the presence of many talented Chefs and 60 of our exclusive partners!

The event was to celebrate Classic Fine Foods UK ten years in business and to launch its New Collection for 2017. Classic Fine Foods’ clients were invited and given the opportunity to meet the producers and partners in an intimate setting, enjoying complimentary tastings and expert demonstrations. Hilton on Park Lane’s Executive Chef, Anthony Marshall showcased a number of recipes and gave demonstrations using products from our portfolio, as well as tastings and opportunities to meet the actual producers.


The guests were delighted on entering the room to discover the spectacular Seafood display on a beautiful ice bar with the Classic Fine Foods logo sculpted in ice. They had the opportunity to taste Loch Fyne smoked salmon, Obsiblue prawns, Cinq Degres Ouest lobster and exceptional caviar from our new supplier Sturia.


There was a Meat corner with a huge display of different brands including Axuria milk-fed baby lamb, Mieral Bresse chicken, USDA Beef fillet and Otterburn Mangalitza pork. There were tasting opportunities throughout the day as well as a meat carving demonstration from our Classic Fine Foods meat specialist.


The guests discovered a great selection of cured hams: Juan Pedro Domecq Charcuterie de Bellota 100% Iberico and delicious saucissons from Targe made using only the finest ingredients. They also enjoyed exceptional aromatic oils and vinegars from our partners Terre Bormane, Moulin Cornille and our new partner Swiss Mountain, as well as peppers, herbs & spices with their infinite range of flavours from Terre Exotique and Halen Môn Anglesey Sea Salt.


Guests then moved on to discover an amazing selection of cheeses from the Apulian region from Burrata to Ricotta and then traditional moulded butter with Bordier, the last of the artisan butter makers.  


During the event we had the great pleasure of introducing Valrhona Orelys 35% new Blond Chocolate with creations from Luke Frost, Valrhona’s UK Pastry Chef. After creating Dulcey, the first ever blond addition to its range, Valrhona again set itself apart from the traditional world of chocolate by creating Orelys 35% Blond Chocolate which was voted “Pastry Innovation of the Year 2017” by clients on the day. It took four years of research and exploration to find the ingredient that gives Orelys Blond its rich flavour: Mauritian muscovado sugar.


The guests discovered the purest expression of fruits with Capfruit and its new fruit purees flavour: banalime ginger and bergamangado (avocado, mango & bergamot) and they also enjoyed aromatic vanilla profiles with Eurovanille products.


Decoration specialist PCB Creation launched new products, including a writable chocolate plaque, prints for fondant icing, wow e-motion decorations and original ideas to add the “wow” factor to your creations. We had also Pastry Demonstrations by Maxime Adrian, Pastry chef from Marguerite with a focus on their ‘Croquants‘ range. Chef Jean-Thomas Schneider was also there to demonstrate some of the technical products available from Louis Francois.  


There was also a Bread corner where our guests discovered the new “So Moelleux” range from Bridor, our Bread and Danish specialist, as well as an amazing range of Danish products, from classic recipes to more trendy options.


A highlight of the day was a stand from Classic Fine Foods London’s TheTasteLab where Florian Poirot, a prize-winning member of the UK Pastry Team, worked throughout the day to create an incredible sugar sculpture for the stand. TheTasteLab opened in May 2016 and offers an exciting programme of training courses, workshops and demonstrations hosted by the best chefs from around the world and TheTasteLab’s inhouse Pastry Chef, Denis Dramé MCA. It is the perfect place for chefs to meet, share and learn in a relaxed environment. The event was an opportunity for TheTasteLab to share its events calendar.


An evening cocktail party followed the daytime event with an amazing buffet prepared by Anthony Marshall and his team using Classic Fine Foods’ ingredients and Denis Dramé created a truly beautiful cake to celebrate the occasion!