New Products | 22 March 2019

Meet our latest partner
Maison Ponthier!

Meet our latest partner

Our new partnership with Maison Ponthier

We have decided to move our fruit puree product offerings up a level and are therefore proud to present our latest partner ‘Ponthier’. Their chilled and frozen purees will be available not only from Classic Fine Foods UK but also from most of Classic Fine Foods around the world including Japan, Dubai, Hong Kong and many more. It is an exciting new partnership for us, as the fruit puree category is one of our most important and the product category with which we first began our development as a company here in the UK. After running numerous tests both at TheTasteLab by Classic Fine Fine Foods London and with some of our clients, we strongly believe that the quality of Maison Ponthier’s products is second to none. Quality is at the heart of Classic Fine Foods, both in our products and our level of service. We believe that our strong relationship with Ponthier exceeds our expectations, and we know that it will exceed yours too.

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The story of Maison Ponthier

Maison Ponthier is a family business with over 70 years of experience. In 1946, André Ponthier and his wife founded their fresh fruit company. They expanded, buying more land and planting apple trees, blackberry bushes and raspberry canes. The family owned 80 hectares and it was here that Yves Ponthier began learning the ropes before taking on firstly, the responsibility of overseeing production, then in 1989, ably assisted by his wife, the leadership of the family business.

Maison Ponthier has a pioneering approach and is at the origin of many breakthrough innovations on the market. In 1980, they launched the first line of vacuum-packed cooked chestnuts. A man of the land, André Ponthier took advantage of a local treasure: chestnuts and invented a new cooking and preserving process and created the first line of vacuumpacked cooked chestnuts. In 1986, they launched the first range of frozen fruits with the production of frozen summer berries grown in Corrèze (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and redcurrants). In 1990, the first frozen fruit purees appeared and their very high quality was soon recognised. They received the «Bol d’Or Interglace» label and the «Maison de la Qualité» award from the Professional Union of Tokyo Pastry Chefs. In 1999, Maison Ponthier launched another pioneering range with the chilled fruit purees, a real alternative to frozen fruit purees and very practical whilst preserving the colour and flavour of the fruit.

Maison Ponthier is today the second largest fruit puree producer in France and has built a strong relationship with many renowned chefs and mixologists. They have recently merged their business with PCB Creation creating Manufactura, a company that combines the talents of two experts in the Pastry food service field.


The main advantages of Maison Ponthier’s fruit purees

Naturalness - Maison Ponthier’s aim is to produce frozen and chilled fruit purees which are as close as possible to the taste, colour and smell of the original fruit. The company doesn’t use any additives (colourings, preservatives, flavourings) to guarantee the naturalness of the products. Priority is given to purees with 100% fruit and there are about 20 products in the 100% fruit range. When some sweetening is required, a maximum of 10% sugar is added and Maison Ponthier only uses 100% natural pure cane sugar.

Ultimate Taste - Most of the fruit purees are made from single variety and single origin fruits to deliver the best organoleptic qualities. Single origin and variety can be a plus, but sometimes mixing two varieties together can bring the perfect balance. Maison Ponthier only sources the best raw materials from producers and long-term partners offering the best nature has to offer and fruit varieties associated with a specific climate and terroir. Fruits are only bought and harvested once a year at the peak of their ripeness. They will be processed with specific production methods and temperature depending on the specificities of each fruit. Maison Ponthier also works in partnership with an expert sourcer, continually discovering new varieties and new growing regions, thus enabling the company to continuously improve and expand its range.

Food Safety - Maison Ponthier flashpasteurises all its products to guarantee the highest levels of food safety. Thanks to a perfect knowledge of this process, the taste of the end product is not altered. Flashpasteurisation also enables Ponthier to offer products with a longer shelf life (30 months before / 15 days after defrosting for the frozen range and 15 months before / 12 days after opening for the chilled range). They also guarantee traceability with the variety and origin written on all the packaging, as well as systematic pesticide residue testing.


Discover the range

We have a large range of purees including citrus fruits, red & black fruits, exotic fruits and orchards as well as the new range of mixes including pineapple yuzu cardamom, mandarin bergamot lemon verbena and litchi raspberry with rose.

You can also discover the latest news from Maison Ponthier, launched at the SIRAH in Lyon with the wild yuzu from Japan, the strawberry guava from Madagascar and the soursop from Reunion Island.

Discover our new fantastic range, for all your pastry and cocktail creations!

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Picture credits ©Mathilde de l’Ecotais, Adeline Monnier, Lhoran Dherines