New Products | 13 May 2018



From the historical company of ice cream machinery production Mark, Montebianco S.p.A. has been established as manufacturer of semi-finished ingredients for gelato since 1966. The new company targets since the very beginning on the centrality of R&D, as a key point for the creation of its range of products.


The Life Trail approach 
LIFE TRAIL is a path that Montebianco undertakes to guarantee its customers and consumers a clear Food Policy based on mutual trust. It is devoted to the continued research of pure ingredients in line with proper nutrition. LIFE TRAIL is an ambitious project, which presents Montebianco with some choices that sometimes contrast with industrial logic, but allow it in the future to constantly ensure the best possible ingredient solutions according to historical need. Montebianco has been eliminating artificial flavours from its products, replacing hydrogenated fats with refined fats and insisting on full traceability of some noble raw materials, to ensure the highest chain quality standards.


Bases & Pastes
Discover New Age Mix, a base free of stabilizers and emulsifiers considered as the basis of the future by professionals, and the key ingredient for an extremely high quality gelato. Tenace Syrup for Sorbets guarantees an amazing result made of vegetable fibers, without milk derivatives, vegetable fats and emulsifiers. Discover also Dulce de Leche a new ingredient which can be mixed with dairy cream to get an excellent sauce for variegating gelato or as an insert for pastry creations.


Excellence range
Discover three exceptional products with Almond Paste with a fine delicate taste for a high quality gelato, Hazelnut pure PGI Piedmont paste and Pistachio 100% Bronte PDO Paste, the Italian queen of excellence and Montebianco’s flagship.
Bronte Green Pistachios are unusual because of its pulp’s uniform bright green colour and its pronounced aroma. It is favoured for the manufacture of nougat, confectionery products and ice cream. The harvest of these valuable pistachios takes place from the first week of September every two years. The Ministry of Agricultural Food and Forestry granted Montebianco permission to use PDO identification, having checked its authenticity.
This is an extremely important and exclusive recognition, since the Bronte's Green Pistachio represents only 1% of the world production.

The Protected Designation of Origin (DOP) covers an area between 300 and 900 metres above sea level, which includes Bronte, Adrano and Biancavilla.



Variegati Gourmet range 
Montebianco has developed a new “gourmet” range with variegates to meet high confectionery standards. Variegati Gourmet range uses only noble raw materials and a skilful mix made by their White Room Gurus ( to develop products of absolute quality in line with the Life Trail standards.

In 2016 Montebianco has created a quite unique concept “WHITE ROOM”.
WHITE ROOM is an internal Montebianco laboratory of ideas, which aim is to encourage the pursuit of excellence. Innovation, long-term vision and no compromise are only some features of this department, a place where tradition has no dogmas and innovation has a no compromise quality as unique commitment.
WHITE ROOM is composed by excellent experts with multi-ethnical culture and origin, internationally well-known - including some World Champions.

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Montebianco partner for La Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie 2019
Montebianco is very proud to be for the second time a partner for La Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie 2019. Indeed the 2017 edition has celebrated the Montebianco entrance in the Gotha of the partners for this prestigious event. This was the first time in the history that an Italian company has been chosen to represent the excellence in the production of ice-cream ingredients.



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