New Products | 7 March 2018

New Bridor

New Bridor

New Bridor's Bun'n'Roll will let you stand out on today's market where the burger is king!

No need to wonder why this product won the Snacking d’Or 2017! Made from a delicious croissant dough, this flaky, spiral-shaped bun is the ideal base for stunning burgers. It has a unique texture, crispy on the outside with a melt-in-the-mouth centre and a delicious buttery taste. It is highly practical as it is supplied in a paper case all ready to pop in the oven.

But, what if Bridor's Bun'n'Roll was not only for burgers? The only limit is your imagination...

For breakfast or brunch, it is great with bacon and eggs. And why not explore it for use in desserts or as a sweet treat that can be served all day long, filled with fruits, chocolate or pastry cream.