New Products | 26 April 2018

New Cuisine & Pastry
2018 Product Collection

New Cuisine & Pastry

Discover our 2018 Product Collection with many new cuisine and pastry gourmet ingredients to help you develop your new menus and make outstanding recipes.

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What's New in Cuisine

Qwehli new fish & shellfish brand
Discover Qwehli and open up your mind to a completely new definition of extra freshness! Qwehli offer a range of exclusive products based on two high standards: taste and proper fishing methods. Sustainable fishing methods, seasonal needs of the fish and extreme freshness – everything is selected with the greatest care.

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Sturia exceptional new product on Sturia Osciètre range

The family is growing! As the only producer of 100% french Osciètre since 2013, Sturia offers a new range of flavours with its newest Oscietra Prestige caviar. Sturia Oscietra Prestige is the special selection of Sturia Osciètre range of caviar. Its grains of an amazing size (exceeding 3mm) melt in the mouth and release it iodine flavours and hunts of dried fruits.

Coastal Lamb, the best lamb from New Zealand

Enjoy the very best from New Zealand with Coastal Lamb which has received the title of Supreme Winner 2016 by the NZ Food Awards. Discover this exceptional product from family farms producing Coastal Spring Lamb and Coastal Lamb using skills and knowledge passed down through many generations. Lamb graze on the rich and fertile pastures of New Zealand’s coastline, where salt from The Pacific and Tasman Oceans is carried on the grasses by coastal winds, which is what gives Coastal Lamb its unique mild, sweet flavour and tender, succulent texture.


Kalios extra virgin olive oil & Kalamata olives from Greece

Since 1832, Kalios have been helping foodies to discover the finest Mediterranean products, which are produced using traditional family methods. Kalios is a collection of Olive Oil products, which includes extra virgin monovarietal oil, olive Spreads, and hand-picked olives from the Kamalata region of the Greek city of the Peloponnese peninsula. Discover Kalios range of products that many chefs are trusted today such as Anne-Sophie Pic, Pascal Barbot, Eric Guerin, Christophe Aribert…


Delverde, dry pasta from Italy

Delverde is based in Fara San Martino, Abruzzo and began producing high quality pasta in 1967, following the pasta-making traditions of this region. Delverde’s mission is to produce the best pure pasta from the purest water thanks to the Verde river. Captured at the core of the mountain and filtrated by non-contaminated 7-million-year rocks from the Pleistocene, the water they use to make their pasta is not only extremely pure but naturally cold at 8 degrees Celsius. Completely neutral, the water from the Verde river is the perfect ingredient to preserve the quality and unique taste profile of the wheat.


Bordier Cheese Platters selection

Son of a cheese maturer, Jean-Yves Bordier defines himself as a cheese chooser and refiner! He selects his cheeses for the quality of the artisans who made them from artisanal creameries and then Bordier brings those cheeses to an optimum stage of savouring.


New products to enjoy in our Beverages selection

You can now delight your customers with exquisite juices and nectars from Alain Milliat in a small individual format with 20cl bottle. Perfect for your mini bar offering available in many flavours to give an exceptional taste experience. Discover also Lorina, a new brand of natural flavoured sparkling soda free from any artificial colours or flavours, preservatives and caffeine.


What's new In Pastry

Do not miss latest innovations from Bridor

Discover Bun’n’Roll. No need to wonder why this product won the Snacking d’Or 2017! Made from a delicious croissant dough, this flaky, spiral-shaped bun is the ideal base for stunning top-quality burgers, breakfast or desserts. The only limit is your imagination! Be surprised with the new range “Extravagant”. Made with pure butter, these ready to bake Danish products offer colourful toppings with a soft and tender texture inside. Discover “B Break” a new range of fully baked breads designed to be eaten on their own. Different flavours for every moment of consumption, from breakfast to appetizer with Cocoa-Chocolate chips, Muesli or Chorizo. There are also new recipes of macaroons with whipped ganache for lighter, smoother and lower in fat macaroons!


Capfruit, frozen fruit purees new flavours

Discover 2 new flavours from Capfruit with Mint & Asian Pear Puree and Sudachi Puree. Mainly from the Tokushima prefecture in Japan, the sudachi is a small round, green citrus fruit with unusual spicy notes!


Montebianco, premium ingredients for ice cream

We are proud to introduce Montebianco, the Italian gelato expert! They have been an established manufacturer of semi-finished ingredients for gelato since 1966. Montebianco since the beginning have always invested in R&D to offer top quality and a cutting-edge range of products. Discover bases and pastes products such as the New Age Mix base, free of stabilizers and emulsifiers, considered as the basis of the future by professionals, and the key ingredient for an extremely high quality gelato. They also offer the Excellence range with exceptional ingredients such as the Pistachio Bronte Paste 100% pure and PDO certified, the Italian queen of excellence!


New spring-summer 2018 collection from PCB Creation

Do not miss the latest trends from PCB Creation with their Spring-Summer 2018 Collection. PCB collaborates with top pastry chefs & designers from around the world to develop new collections and to offer a rich and diverse range of decorations for every taste and every occasion.

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Silikomart silicone moulds

Be inspired by our new silicone moulds from Silikomart! From the very beginning, Silikomart chose to be known for exceptional quality. For this reason, all production is carried out entirely in Italy and utilises only the highest quality commercial silicone: 100% liquid platinum silicone. Safety, quality and functionality combined with the extraordinary design of their product make Silikomart the specialist of reference for silicone products.


Valrhona Inspiration, new range of fruit couvertures

You have mastered the art of working with chocolate, now apply it to fruit and nuts! Discover Inspiration, Valrhona’s first range of fruit couvertures. Valrhona has drawn on all its chocolate making-expertise to develop this technical feat combining the unique texture of chocolate with the intense flavour and colour of fruit.

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