New Products | 28 May 2018

New Dry Pasta with the tradition
of delverde pasta

New Dry Pasta with the tradition

Delverde is based in Fara San Martino, Abruzzo and began producing high quality pasta in 1967, following the pasta-making traditions of this region.

Delverde makes pasta like in the old days: selecting the best durum wheat for a perfect “al dente” bite, extruding it through bronze die for a surface that holds sauce better and letting it dry to preserve the properties of the wheat.

Delverde’s mission is to produce the best pure pasta from the purest water thanks to the Verde River. Captured at the core of the mountain and filtrated by non-contaminated 7-million-year rocks from the Pleistocene, the water they use to make their pasta is not only extremely pure but naturally cold at 8 degrees Celsius. Completely neutral (free of colour, taste or smell), the water from the Verde River is the perfect ingredient to preserve the quality and unique taste profile of the wheat.


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