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In respect of the Greek tradition and inspired by their Greek grandma, Yaya, the 2 brothers Pierre & Gregory Chantzios founded Kalios in 2009 with the ambition to make accessible what is the best in Greece!
In 2010, after the harvest, with only a scooter some samples and no prearranged meetings, they came in restaurant to make taste their production to the Chefs (Yannick Alléno, Pascal Barbot, Anne-Sophie Pic, Troisgros, Christophe Aribert, Éric Guérin and others) and it was a success. Today  more than 80 starred restaurants have adopted Kalios olive oil for its purity and flavour (low acidity, not too bitter, intense).

“Taste our products and you will feel the flavours of the stalls of the Peloponnese markets. A bit of a journey through Greece, the one that has never changed”
Pierre & Gregory Chantzios

Kalios comes from the heights of Neochori-Ithomi (Southern Peloponnese). Nestled in the mountains for seven generations, the family olive trees used to produce the Kalios products, some over 300 years old, were planted on a limestone land where water does not stagnate, which has a great importance for the quality of olives.

The olives are picked and sorted by hand. They come from two different varieties: Koroneiki destined for the production of olive oil and Kalamanta for the production of table olives. Watch the video below to know more about the harvest.

The family oil is the result of a healthy and handmade farming. It is not an assembly/melting pot result. The olive oil single variety Kalios exclusively comes from the Koroneiki olive. The olives are hand-picked and immediately brought to the mill to extract the oil by cold centrifugation. Its strength lies in its low acidity and its perfectly balanced fruity flavour.

Discover the fantastic Kalios range of products with Extra Virgin Olives Oils, Kalamata Olives in Olive Oil, in Brine, Kalamata Olive Spread and Almonds selection.

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