New Products | 27 February 2018

Tart Shells Collection


PCB Creation is proud to represent the real “Made in France” quality with its new range of tart shells.

They have chosen to work with French partners and quality local products in order to better control traceability, limit the impact on the environment and above all stay in line with artisan craftsmanship. They only use carefully selected French ingredients of the very highest quality and purity (butter, flour, free-range eggs...), and have removed all artificial flavourings and colourings that might interfere with the taste of your toppings.

They have created a wide range of innovative products, sweet or savoury, chocolate or neutral to offer an infinite number of creations that will satisfy all your creative desires.

In order to truly bring your expectations to life, the recipes were developed in conjunction with award winning chefs whose experience in pastry boutiques and the world of catering is second to none.

Click here to download PCB TART SHELLS COLLECTIONS



The sweet range is made with only pure, carefully-selected ingredients: wheat flour, butter*, sugar, free-range eggs and cocoa powder for the chocolate range.

*with the exception of the cones, which are made with vegetable fats.



The savoury tart shells are made of wheat flour, butter*, corn or rice flour, sugar and free-range eggs, as well as vegetable powders for the tulip shaped shells

*with the exception of the cones and tulips, which are made with vegetable fats.





The gluten free tart shells are perfect for your sweet and savoury creations.