New Products | 7 March 2018

New Shellfish range
from France & Scotland

New Shellfish range

We are proud to extend our Seafood range with Cadoret oysters from France and shellfish from West Scotland.


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 Cadoret, a name recognised by oyster lovers.

 Cadoret is the home of flavour, the sanctuary for oyster lovers throughout the world. Cadoret is also synonymous with Bélon, the river in Brittany where the Cadoret family have been refining the European oyster for generations. The genius of the Cadoret forefathers was to place the oysters where the estuarine tides and their alternating fesh and salt water would give an unsurpassed taste to their oysters.

Faithful to five generations of family tradition, Jacques Cadoret produces oysters, now with the help of his son Jean-Jacques, on 200 hectares of oyster beds and deep-sea parks. With passion and love, they supply gourmets with the best of the ocean can offer.


Our offer from Cadoret includes four different types of oysters: Belon, Fine de Bretagne, Perle Noire and Speciales Gillardeau.

Belon is a flat European oyster. Cadoret Belon oysters spend the first 3 years of their lives in deep water, before being brought into the waters of the Cadoret oyster beds in Carantec (Brittany). The final step in the refining process is 2 months spent in the Bélon river (Brittany) from which these oysters take their name.

Fine de Bretagne are 3 year-old rock oysters, transferred to the Carantec Bay (Brittany) for a 6-month refining period in high oyster beds used only for this type of oysters.They can take their time to acquire all their characteristic flavour.

Perle Noire or "Black Pearl" oysters are fully-bodied, almost crunchy oysters that come from Utah Beach (Normandy). They spend the last three months of their life in the Bélon river (Brittany) refining the perfection of their taste without modifying the typical characteristics of their flesh.

Gillardeau oysters are cultivated for four years in Marennes-Oléron (Poitou-Charentes). After 9 months in containers placed in oyster parks, they are placed in bags and submerged for more than 3 years in deep water.

We have also just introduced a Shellfish range from West Scotland, including langoustines, live blue lobsters and hand-dives live scallops.

Our langoustines are available fresh or live. We can deliver the live langoustines loose or tubed (langoustines are boxed in separate compartments and each langoustine is held in an upright individual cell). Whilst langoustines from East Scotland are fished in deep water by boat, our langoustines from West Scotland are caught by creel from the cliffs or shore. They are bigger in size with a firmer texture and stronger taste. This slow harvesting process is less stressful for the langoustines.