New Products | 4 June 2018

New Silicone
moulds and tart rings

New Silicone

From the very beginning, Silikomart chose to be known for the exceptional quality of all its products. For this reason, all production is entirely ‘Made in Italy’ and utilises only the highest quality commercial silicone: 100% liquid platinum silicone.

This silicone is perfectly suited for culinary use and is completely taste and odour free. In comparison to other types of silicone, platinum silicone is the purest and only silicone capable of guaranteeing the complete food friendliness of the finished product.
Safety, quality and functionality combined with the extraordinary design of their products makes Silikomart the specialist of reference for silicone products for the confectionery, ice cream and catering industries.

Discover below some of Silikomart’s new products that will bring an innovative touch to your creations!

Individual Moulds



Tart Rings




Moulds for Entremets