New Products | 23 October 2018



Only the most carefully sourced quality ingredients

We are proud to launch TRUEfoods, a range of stocks that are made in the traditional way, as chefs would in their own kitchens. TRUEfoods understand and fully appreciate that a stock is such a core fundamental of any kitchen and the basis of so many dishes. That’s why they take time to handle the complete process with a huge amount of care and attention. The products are made in large production kitchens and not highly mechanised factories. Only the most carefully sourced quality ingredients are used and TRUEfoods make all their stocks the same way any high calibre chef would:  roasting where appropriate before a long slow cook that is never rushed. Over many years of researching fresh natural stocks, they have adapted classic techniques to produce the very best products. They could be called ‘old school’ as they pass all the stocks through double muslin twice -the same way we were taught to make stock all those years ago. They have strict ingredient specifications for all their recipes, along with clearly defined temperatures for roasting bones and cooking times for the first cook and secondary reduction period.

Only made with British bones and spring water that is a direct source to their kitchens, TRUEfoods offer stocks that are consistent in clarity, quality and depth of flavour. There are no added flavour enhancers or life extenders and with their superb flavours, the stocks are a versatile base for sauces, finishing jus, soups and casseroles.


The perfect solution to save you time and energy

By using TRUEfoods Stocks, you remove what can be a labour intensive job in the kitchen and save time and energy. It also frees up stove space as you don’t need to purchase and store bones. It reduces waste and eliminates health and safety issues for the team handling volumes of hot liquids.

All stocks are delivered in flexible pouches that are easy to store, use, open and pour. They are suitable for freezing for a 12 month period from date of production. The consistency for the format makes it also easy to calculate for recipes. 

Already used by many respected chefs in the UK 

As a result, the products are life savers for small kitchen and very practical for large functions and banquets. Many chefs using TRUEfoods have completed extensive taste comparisons and cost analysis and consider TRUEfoods as a ‘no brainer‘. Created in 2007, TRUEfoods is today used by many respected kitchens in the UK, many of whom being Michelin star rated.


What Chef Michael Wignall thinks about TRUEfoods

We have asked Michael Wignall, Chef Patron at Angel Inn, Hetton what he thinks about TRUEfoods stocks: “I have been using TRUEfoods for many years; they have long been my ‘go-to’ and have let me recreate my recipes, perfectly and consistently, every time. With TRUEfoods you get consistency, convenience and great off-the-shelf stocks”. Michael has used TRUEfoods turkey stock in a special recipe developed for our Christmas Collection: Mieral Turkey, brined, poached and roasted, scented with truffles. To produce their turkey stock, TRUEfoods source bones from a second generation family owned farm; in operation since 1966. The birds are raised in spacious open sided barns with plenty of fresh air and a grassy paddock; with deep straw beds. All birds are allowed to reach adult maturity and are reared free from growth promotors and antibiotics.

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