New Products | 12 November 2018

New Valrhona pralines:
Peanut 70% and Almond 55% & coconut

New Valrhona pralines:

Valrhona is extending its pralines range and we couldn’t be happier! Discover two new exciting and gourmet products with Peanut 70% praline and Almond 55% and coconut praline.


Valrhona Peanut 70% praline

Peanut 70% praline offers crunchiness and nuttiness. Its distinguishing features are its artisanal texture with peanut pieces and intense peanut flavour with candied nuts notes. Peanuts originally come from Mexico and owe their name to the Aztec word “cacaguate”, which means “cocoa of the earth”. They are often used as a praline in chocolate-making and go especially well with milk chocolate. Peanut 70% praline is ideal for mousses and recommended for cream mixes & ganaches as well as for ice creams & sorbets.

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The launch of Valrhona peanut 70% praline is a success and is already on the menu of some of our best clients. Giuseppe Lombardo, Head pastry chef at Elan Café is very enthusiastic about the latest addition to his menu at Elan Café Selfridges, a peanut tart with Valrhona peanut praline. He explains why he has chosen Valrhona peanut praline for his creation “I have chosen to use the Valrhona peanuts praline because it is simply really tasty. It is a high quality product that seems like as if it was made all ”ancienne”. The product is easy to use and versatile.”



Valrhona Almond 55% and Coconut praline

The new Almond 55% and Coconut praline is the second latest addition to Valrhona’s Pralines & Co aromatic range. It offers an exotic coconut flavour with a classically light praline colour and a very smooth texture. Coconut is easy to use, making it one of pastry-making’s most popular ingredients, and it goes particularly well with exotic fruit. Almond 55% and Coconut praline is ideal for cream mixes & ganaches and recommended for mousses as well as for ice creams & sorbets.

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