News & Events | 1 April 2022



The Ōra King Tasting & Showcase was a fantastic event hosted at TheTasteLab on March 15th , in which we had the pleasure to invite 12 of our customers for a Chef’s Table experience. They had the fantastic opportunity to taste and learn about the premium quality New Zealand King salmon Ōra King.

Isabelle Augier, Manager of Ōra King in Europe, introduced us the brand and explained everything that is glorious about their unique product and how they produce it in New Zealand.



We had the pleasure to have the Executive Chef from Pacific London restaurant, Shaun Presland, cooking five remarkable dishes made with Ōra King salmon that our guests tasted and enjoyed in many different ways such as shashimi, sushi, tartar, grilled and hand-rolled.



Located in New Zealand, Ōra King Salmon is a very rare and special species making up less than one percent of the world’s supply of salmon. Their breeding program have developed specific and unique culinary traits which distinguish them from other King salmon.



Their sustainable husbandry practices and breeding expertise has evolved and improved for more than a quarter of a century, producing nine generations of King salmon and creating over 100 distinct salmon families choosing only the finest examples – with most appealing taste, texture, colour and size – so that they are carried forward to the next generation.



These are Ōra King Salmon unique characteristics:

✔️Taste: Delicate, layered and unique marine umami.

✔️Flesh: Vibran, rich and deep marbled.

✔️Texture: Distinctive ‘bite’, silky and melt in the mouth.

✔️After-taste: Light, sweet ocean and clean finish

✔️Appearance: Elegant, glossy with delicate scales.



Ōra King is considered ‘the wagyu of the sea’ and it has been designed for culinary professionals, inspired by and created for the world’s best chefs, being featured in over 1,300 restaurants all over the world.

Watch the video to learn more:



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