Seasonal collections | 25 October 2018

Our Christmas turkey recipe
to grace your table

Our Christmas turkey recipe

Let's give the traditional Christmas turkey an exquisite and refined twist this year! Thank you to Michael Wignall, Chef Patron at Angel Inn who created this delicious recipe for our Christmas Collection. A Mieral Turkey, Brined, Poached and Roasted, Scented with Truffles using some of our favourite ingredients from our partners.



Michael started his career in Spain to experience front of house and authentic cooking. Upon his return to the UK, Michael’s professional career started at Broughton Park, followed by a spell working with John Burton Race at L’Ortolan. Following this he headed up Old Beams, Staffordshire, Waldo’s Restaurant in Cliveden Hotel, Michael’s Nook and the Burlington Restaurant at The Devonshire Arms, earning a Michelin star at each. Michael joined Exclusive Hotels in November 2007. The Latymer became one of the top restaurants in the country. It was awarded its first Michelin star and gained five AA rosettes in 2011 and added the second Michelin star in 2012. From January 2016, Michael made his move from The Latymer to Gidleigh Park, Chagford. Michael, along with his wife Johanna and business partners James and Jo Wellock, purchased the Angel Inn at Hetton, due to open in September 2018. Refurbishment of the iconic Yorkshire pub will take place in January 2019, followed by a relaunch in Spring 2019.

Discover below Chef Michael ingredients list


French Turkey Label Rouge from Mieral

 We have something to grace your table - Mieral’s free-range Label Rouge ‘Prince de Dombes’ turkey. The birds hatch in July and then live free-range for 150 days on French farms, gorging on a 100% vegetal diet rich in minerals, vitamins and cereals (80%). The result – juicy, tender flesh that will delight your diners.

No wonder why Chef Michael chose Mieral turkey in his recipe! "For me the importance of working with animals that have been treated with the upmost respect is paramount. The effects of these processes, along with a strong family ethos shines through in the flavour profiles and quality of Mieral poultry."

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Turkey Stock from Truefoods

Russet autumn gold in colour, TRUEfoods turkey stock is made from 100% British Turkey Bones. Bones are sourced from a second-generation family-owned farm. The birds are raised in spacious open-sided barns with deep straw beds with access to plenty of fresh air and a grassy paddock. All birds are allowed to reach adult maturity and are reared free from growth promotors and antibiotics.

We are proud to launch TRUEfoods, a range of stocks that are made in the traditional way, as chefs would in their own kitchens. Only made with British bones and spring water that is a direct source to their kitchens, TRUEfoods offer stocks that are consistent in clarity, quality and depth of flavour. There are no added flavour enhancers or life extenders and with their superb flavours, the stocks are a versatile base for sauces, finishing jus, soups and casseroles.

We have asked Mickael Wignall, who used turkey stock in his recipe, what he thinks about TRUEfoods stocks: “I have been using TRUEfoods for many years; they have long been my ‘go-to’ and have let me recreate my recipes, perfectly and consistently, every time. With TRUEfoods you get consistency, convenience and great off-the-shelf stocks”.


Smoked Alsace bacon from Maurer Tempe

Take a piece of belly pork with a rich, full flavour, cure it for 2-3 weeks, then cold smoke for 18 days and you will end up with this wonderful bacon, aromatic with heady spices and wood-smoke overtones. Caramelise well to help bring out the depth of these flavours and you’re in for a treat.


Christmas Fleur de Sel from Terre Exotique

This perfect mix of fleur de sel and spices (anise, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, star anise, black pepper, nutmeg, capsicum, cloves, and coriander) will bring the Christmas spirit to your tables and a delicious spicy touch to all your festive dishes. Ideal with roast turkey, capon and duck breast, try it too with foie gras, barbecued meats, stews and even chocolate desserts.