Seasonal collections | 24 October 2018

our mouth-watering iced entremet
for Christmas

our mouth-watering iced entremet

Thank you to Chef Chris Seddon, Pastry Chef at Coutts Bank, who created this delicious and mouth-watering Iced Entremet for our Christmas Collection. Discover the full recipe of this magical dessert using the best and most natural ingredients with Montebianco ingredients for Ice Cream and Christmassy decorations!!



Chris was a reserve member of the UK Pastry Team for the 2017 edition and has a lot of experiences working with talented Pastry Chefs. He has worked a number of years in some of London’s high-class hotels, such as Claridges, The Savoy and The Connaught to name but a few.

He is now the Ice candidate in the 2019 UK Pastry Team with Sarju Ranavaya and Jamie Houghton. Classic Fine Foods is very proud to be sponsor of the UK Pastry Team for La Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie 2019. The final will take place on the 27th and 28th of January 2019 at the Sirha exhibition in Lyon where 22 countries will compete for the title. Good luck to everyone! 

The best and most natural ingredients have been used to create this "Magic Dome" recipe with Montebianco brand, The Gelato expert! In his recipe Chef Chris has used four different ingredients from Montebianco and we asked him why he chose Montebianco. "The Montebianco flavours range won't disappoint... It packs massive flavour plus all of their nut range is 100% pure and of the highest quality".

Discover below Chef Christ list of ingredients from Montebianco "I like the fact that Montebianco not only considers consumer health but also the practical side for users with clever tricks like the Tenace syrup which is pre-matured so it can be used and churned instantly for use with sorbets."

New Age Mix

Considered by professional Chefs as “the basis of the future”, what sets this gelato base apart is its green label, perfectly in line with Montebianco’s Life Trail philosophy to offer healthier products formulated with the best possible ingredients. This New Age Mix gives you a base with no stabilizers, no emulsifiers and no E-numbers. Easy to use and with skimmed milk its first ingredient it will soon become indispensable to you for high quality gelato.


Tenace Syrup

Made of vegetable fibres, without milk derivatives, without vegetable fats and without emulsifiers, this product guarantees an amazing result over time and above all protects sorbet from sineresis and glitter.


Ciaculli Mandarin

Discover the Variegati ‘gourmet range’ from Montebianco that meets the very highest standards for the pastry kitchen. This fruit is produced on less than 200 acres of a designated region near Palermo, Sicily but only by experienced farmers with the dedication to bring the fruits to maturity. Fruits are harvested by hand from January to March to offer you the incredibly bold flavour of this exceptional Mandarin.


Hazelnut Piedmont PGI Paste

Pure PGI Piedmont hazelnut paste = excellence. Italian style! The PGI standard is the guarantee of the product’s quality and authenticity. The variety of hazel grown in Piedmont is the Tonda. The fruits are harvested easily as, when the nuts are completely ripe they spontaneously detach from the branches and fall to the ground.



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