Product collection | 16 August 2019

Product Collection
2019-2020 Pastry

Product Collection

Discover new solutions in our new Pastry Product Collection with many new products in Chocolate & Pralines, Fruits, Technical & Dairy Ingredients, Pastry Decoration, Bakery, Petits Fours, Chocolate Bars & Bonbons, Convenient Solutions and Accessories categories.

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Veliche Belgian Chocolate

Veliche Gourmet is a chocolate brand with a long established heritage in producing fine quality chocolate from Belgium. Rich in character and complex in flavour, yet remarkably workable, Veliche Gourmet is dedicated to artisans, with purity and simplicity at its heart. Veliche chocolate couvertures are easy to use and suitable for a variety of applications and preparations.


Valrhona Tulakalum 75% Dark Chocolate

Valrhona is revealing a rare flavour with Tulakalum 75% new Single Origin Grand Cru from Belize. Tulakalum means “together” in Mayan dialect, and it was only thanks to collaborative efforts between Valrhona’s partner-producer Maya Mountain and Valrhona’s sourcing team, that we were able to relaunch this exceptionally rare Belizean cocoa variety. At first, the sharp tartness blends with the sweetness of the spices. Bitter, with only a hint of sweetness, Tulakalum surprises with sumptuous ripe fruit notes. Tulakalum has a cocoa content of 75% and does not contain any soya lecithin. Its high fat content comes from its cocoa and offers an ideal texture for all kinds of pastry-making and chocolatier’s applications, including coating.


Saint Michel Pastries

Saint-Michel is an independent, family-owned French company that started in 1905. They are dedicated to making satisfying and delicious biscuits and pastries with an artisan approach and consistently high quality. Enjoy a selection of iconic pastries, such as Madeleines, easy to re-heat, perfect for your breakfast, buffet, afternoon tea, coffee and snack time offering.


La Pateliere Pastry Decoration Products & Flavourings

La Pateliere is a French company recognised for its expertise since 1978: pioneers in organic and natural pastry ingredients. Tasting and preservation of the aromatic potential of each ingredient is one of the company’s fundamental values.
Enjoy a range of ingredients which are easy to use, helping you to develop pastries or desserts with an exceptional taste and save time in kitchen, while ensuring profitability, quality and safety.


Tiptree Fruit Preserves & Conserves

The Wilkin family have been farming at Tiptree, Essex, since 1757, and making quality preserves since 1885. They grow a wide range of traditional English fruits and use them to make products free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, ideal for afternoon teas, jam in doughnuts and sponge cakes.
The farm is LEAF Marque accredited (Linking Environment and Farming), recognising that they work sympathetically with the environment and encourage links with local community.


Ponthier Fruit Purees

Maison Ponthier is today the second largest fruit puree producer in France and has built a strong relationship with many renowned chefs and mixologists. Maison Ponthier’s aim is to produce frozen and chilled fruit purees which are as close as possible to the taste, colour and smell of the original fruit. The company doesn’t use any additives (colourings, preservatives, flavourings) to guarantee the naturalness of the products. Priority is given to purees with 100% fruit and most of the fruit purees are made from single variety and single origin fruits to deliver the best organoleptic qualities. 


Eurovanille New Tahitensis Vanilla Pods

Enjoy with Eurovanille unique innovative products such as pods, powders, flavours… to answer to the specific needs of pastry chefs and artisans. Discover a new range of Tahitian vanilla pods with an exceptional sensory profile and pods much fatter than the Bourbon vanilla pods.


PCB Colouring Foodstuff

Discover Colouring Foodstuff, a new range from PCB Creation which allows you to bring natural colour to all your creations. The food colouring ingredients are exclusively from plant-based raw materials (fruits, vegetables) produced through a traditional transformation method (evaporation, pressure cooking) and without any E colourant. They can be used in a large array of potential applications as the powders are intrinsically soluble both in a water state as well as a fat based state.


Bridor Bread & Danish

Enjoy authentic new recipes signed by Frédéric Lalos such as the new Lutécine baguettes or the smaller size of the Pochon loaf for sharing. Discover as well delicious new bread recipes with the Nordic Loaf, rich in rye and seeds or the gourmet half-baguettes perfect for sandwich!
Enjoy indulgent mini Viennese pastries with pure butter, in a new shape with a generous filling with the Mini Confetti’s range and savour the typical Kouign Amann from Brittany made by Bridor. A gourmet recipe slightly caramelised on top and smooth inside.


Continental Patisserie Gluten Free Tartlets

Enjoy our range of Sweet Tart Shells from Continental Patisserie, made with all butter, and coated with a thin layer of cocoa butter for extra crispiness. Continental Patisserie has its own research and development team ensuring the capacity to develop new products, as the new gluten free tart shell range, responding to the growing demand for gluten free products.