Seasonal collections | 26 June 2018

Special Aperitifs
Celebrate Summer with us!

Special Aperitifs

Now that it's officially ‘drinking outside’ season, it's time to dazzle your guests with an exciting aperitif menu so they can really enjoy your yard, garden or rooftop.



Kalios Kalamata Olives

Kalios comes from the heights of Neochori-Ithomi (Southern Peloponnese). Nestled in the mountains for seven generations, the family olive trees used to produce the Kalios products, some over 300 years old, were planted on a limestone land where water does not stagnate, which has a great importance for the quality of olives. The olives are picked and sorted by hand. They come from two different varieties: Koroneiki destined for the production of olive oil and Kalamata for the production of table olives. Perfect for pre-dinner drinks or on a slice of bread, Kalamata olives are marinated for a minimum of 5 to 6 weeks in extra virgin olive oil to create almost a preserved consistency.


Esprit Gourmand cashew nuts

Esprit Gourmand is a family business founded in 1922 and is the oldest nut roasting company still in activity in France. They are dedicated to manufacturing and supplying nuts of the highest quality and the best origins. They make and prepare products exclusively “to order” to ensure the utmost freshness. We have a large choice including rosemary & Camargue sea salt cashew nuts, satay & hot chilli pepper almonds and different mixes such as Monte Carlo Mix (Cashew nut, largueta almond, shelled and blanched pistachio, pecan nut) and Dubai Mix (Cashew nut, pecan nut, largueta almond, wasabi pea, caramelised almond).


Juan Pedro Domecq Pata Negra ham

Based in Jabugo, the birthplace of Iberian pigs, Juan Pedro Domecq is a family owned company being a pioneer in ham business. They control all stages of production, from the breeding and rearing of their exclusive breed “100% pure Iberico pigs”. They only produce the “Lampino” breed because they consider it to be the best. The pigs lead a full life of several years roaming free in the dehesas and forage for a very natural diet including vast amounts of acorns & herbs. Hams are naturally cured in the company’s own cellars in the Jabugo area under the constant care of their Master Ham-Maker. The “Pure Iberico Bellota ham” is often described as a stunning flavour, lovely and sweet, a beautiful aroma and a tender, not too fatty texture. Juan Pedro Domecq won four times consecutive the Great Taste Award (2012 to 2015). In 2014, they also won the “Best Imported Speciality” Gold Fork Awards.


Exquisite Don Bocarte croquetas

The concept of croquetas offered by Don Bocarte is based on the combination of two textures, two flavours and two colours inside the same croqueta. All croquetas are made from the finest raw materials available on the market. Texture and creaminess are provided by the milk and cream from Cantabria (North Spain). Don Bocarte kept the traditional process for the preparation, finishing the croquetas by hand, which give it a homemade look. The range includes carabineros prawns & flambé prawns croquetas, galician octopus & mash potato croquetas, cod ‘a la plancha’ croquetas and many more.

Alain Milliat juices & nectars

Alain Milliat has a very strict selection of varieties of fruit with specific characteristics. Fruits are chosen from specific sites known to give maximum flavour and aroma and the brand has strong relationships with fruit-growers with a unique know-how. The fruits are harvested at the peak of their maturity, once a year and the juices & nectars are processed from fresh fruit immediately after the harvest. Alain Milliat use unique processing methods to give the product the sensation of the actual fruit. The range is 100% natural, with beautiful colours and gourmet flavours and the products can be used as a drink in itself, in cocktails or in original recipes.


Lorina naturally flavoured sparkling soda

Lorina sparkling soda is free from any artificial colours or flavours, preservatives and caffeine. The Lemon variant is well-rounded with a refreshing lemon flavour. The Pink variant has a subtle taste of lemon & lime, with a pink twist, that will delight the senses.