Seasonal collections | 27 June 2018

Special BBQ
Celebrate Summer with us!

Special BBQ

If you are looking for something extra special for this Summer, have a look at our BBQ selection!



Aussie Wagyu burger

Delicious Australian Wagyu cattle born and raised on the natural grasses of pristine Australian properties before being finished on quality cereal grains for 400 days. In order to achieve superior quality, consistency and uniformity 52 weeks of the year, only a small percentage of cattle are selected for the elite EU range. These burgers are “high pressed” instead of the generic flat processed burger, so Chefs can press down on them while cooking to give that homemade look to the burger.


Argentine grass fed rib eye

Generally speaking this is our best grass fed value for money option. From the La Pampas region in Argentine, majority of cattle come from the lush grassland of the pampas region - where there is consistent rainfall and black soil country. Argentine beef is grass fed beef that conforms to EU regulation and without hormones. The meat has a delicious grass fed flavour while at the same time being very tender with amazing marbling.


USDA Angus inside skirt

One of our new secondary cuts which is becoming extremely popular for the BBQ season. A long version of a bavette, the inside skirt is very long and perfect for feeding large crowds quickly. USDA grain fed beef from Nebraska - this beef can be tightly controlled and looked after resulting in highest standards of beef. This beef is Black Angus and is bred and processed in Nebraska, finished 120 days on grain and corn feed.


Pork loin ribs

Baby back ribs (also back ribs or loin ribs) are taken from the top of the rib cage between the spine and the spare ribs, below the loin muscle. They have meat between the bones and on top of the bones and are perfect to be marinated for the BBQ or slow smoked. Amazing value for money.


New Zealand lamb rack

In 1948 a group of Southland farmers from New Zealand joined together to process and market high quality lamb. In 1980 they became a cooperative, and today with over 5,000 farmer shareholders, continue to provide lamb to international markets. Tender, succulent, delicious lamb rack - direct to you from the best New Zealand family farms.


Solomillo de Bellota 100% Iberico

Domecq's Iberian meat products came from unique ‘Lapino’ pigs. The pigs are sacrificed with a minimum age of 21 months, spending so at least 2 acorns seasons. Domecq´s Iberian meat is very juicy, tender and with an inimitable taste. Domecq family has been internationally renowned for over 100 years for their breeding abilities: bulls, horses, pigs. A tradition and know-how that have resulted in a very singular iberico pig, based on the genetic studies of Juan Pedro Domecq Solis, in search of the ideal breed to produce the best iberico meat. Domecq produce the most exclusive iberico products in the market, by slaughtering only 3.000 pigs. The Solomillo (tenderloin) cut is the tenderest cut from the pig whilst sweet and juicy on the inside. Gorgeous for the BBQ.


Rock Lobster

Qwehli’s rock lobster is caught at Tristan da Cunha, the remotest island in the world, where it is an indigenous species. Kept in purified water for 24 hours to guarantee a product of incomparable quality, this is the first lobster to be awarded MSC certification: no sulphite, no antioxidant. Its small size in adulthood offers an exceptional yield of 35% flesh.