Seasonal collections | 26 June 2018

Special Light Dishes
Celebrate Summer with us!

Special Light Dishes

Champion the best ingredients of the season and celebrate the warm weather with these glorious ingredients.



Loch Fyne Salmon Tartare

Delight your guests with a fresh and simple salmon tartare. Our fresh salmon from Loch Fyne is farmed from approved sites in Loch Fyne and other chosen West Highland and Island deep water sea lochs. Loch Fyne operates to the GLOBAL G.A.P (CoC) certification standard to ensure responsible farming practices. You can also choose Loch Fyne smoked salmon. Full control of the process is maintained by having the smoke-house within metres of the loch. The salmon is dry cured by hand, with sea salt and refined brown sugar. Loch Fyne is proud to follow artisanal working methods handed down through generations.


Pan-fried Obsiblue prawns

Discover or rediscover a rare high quality luxury seafood ingredient, perfect for this summer. From the protected pure turquoise waters of New Caledonia (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Obsiblue prawns are allowed to reach full maturity (around 9 months) with no growth enhancers, and a completely natural diet. Harvested only once per year, they are graded, sorted by local experts and flash frozen on site. Due to the small scale & low impact of the farms, these prawns are entirely sustainable and support the development of the local community. With its unique slightly sweet taste and a tender flesh, Obsiblue offers an endless source of inspiration for many chefs around the world.


Qwehli Sea bass Ceviche

Qwehli seabass (Dicentrarchus labrax) from the Atlantic Ocean is authentically line-caught by small Breton boats which specialise in line fishing and only land a few of these fish per day. Captured with the greatest of care, the fish is not crushed by the nets and keeps its flesh intact, with no bruises. It has an immaculate white flesh with a distinctive intense flavour. This product is “as if it had just come out of the water" thanks to CAS Fresh® technology. CAS Fresh® technology is Qwehli’s home-grown technology that uses the combined effects of extreme cold and a magnetic field comparable to that of the North Pole so the flavours, smells and textures of the fish are kept intact.


Asian Style Don Bocarte Octopus

From the northern Spanish region of Cantabria, Don Bocarte is one of Spain's most important gourmet seafood producers. Since 1997, the company has been developing its own production methods with the sole aim of achieving great culinary products, worthy of the most discerning palates. Discover a fantastic range of octopus cooked in its own juice.


Salad with Caseificio Artigiana Burrata

Caseificio Artigiana was started 15 years ago in the heart of Apulia, in the South-East of Italy. With passion and devotion, Caseificio Artigiana makes gourmet cheeses following the traditions of the dairy farmers of the Apulian region. The milk used is collected from the local farms and brings with it all the flavour of the land. The milk is carefully controlled for quality and then used immediately on arrival so as to respect all necessary sanitary measures.

Since the milk is unpasteurised, it keeps all its nutritional properties and produces a more tasty cheese.


Summery Sandwich with Bridor ‘So moelleux’

The Bridor ‘So Moelleux’ range of breads won the Snacking d’Or Award in 2016. The range combines traditional appearances with an ultrafine crust and an oh-so-soft inside. It is the ideal way to meet modern expectations and boost sales. Discover our varieties: plain,

pesto, multiseed, olives & thyme, sun-dried tomato and corn.


Spinach Tulip with PCB Creation

PCB Creation has worked with pure and carefully selected French ingredients (butter, flour, free range eggs…) to develop its new range of tart shells, tulips, barquettes and cones. Full control of traceability and an artisan craftsmanship are at the heart of the range. There are no artificial flavourings and colourings and the well balanced taste, crispness and finesse will work in harmony with your toppings. Products are easy to use, can be cooked and frozen.