Seasonal collections | 27 June 2018

Special Sweet treats
Celebrate Summer with us!

Special Sweet treats

For summer dessert ideas, get inspiration from our product selection to create new recipes for your ice cream, refreshing pies and summer-inspired entremets.



Valrhona Summer Inspiration

Bring 100% natural flavours and colours to your dessert with Valrhona Inspiration. Valrhona offers 3 flavours: almond, strawberry and passion fruit. This is a new way to use fruit any way you want! Inspiration is used just like any other Valrhona couverture chocolate and has 100% natural ingredients with no added colouring or artificial flavours.


Iced Capfruit strawberry cream choux with lemon aroma

Capfruit strawberry puree is the result of a blending of several varieties, all of which are picked only when at full maturity. The puree is sweetened with 10% by weight of granulated sugar and is unpasteurized. Capfruit selects the best fruit varieties grown on the best soils around the world to offer a pure and full-bodied taste. The company has long-term and close relationships with farmers to guarantee high quality products and has total control over all aspects of raw material selection, cultivation and harvesting. Priority is given to the pure fruit flavour, so more than 80% of the range is unpasteurised and sugar is added only when some sweetening is required. Capfruit has a reinforced quality control process to guarantee consistency of flavour and organoleptic quality all year long.


Natural Ice cream with Montebianco

‘Life Trail’ is an ambitious project, which presents Montebianco with some choices that sometimes contrast with industrial logic, but allow it in the future to constantly ensure the best possible ingredient solutions according to historical need. Montebianco has been eliminating artificial flavours from its products, replacing hydrogenated fats with refined fats and insisting on full traceability of some noble raw materials, to ensure the highest chain quality standards. For Summer, Montebianco has a large choice of flavours from its Variegati Gourmet range: maracuja Ecuador, raspberry with pieces, berries and many more.


Summer Touch with PCB Creation

To prepare your upcoming Summer receptions, business seminars or weddings, PCB Creation has just unveil its Garden Party collection rich in flavours and sensorial discoveries. To really fulfil your expectations, they have been working in collaboration with award winning chefs who have strong experience in receptions and outdoor events. They now have a highly colourful collection which is full of surprises that we look forward to helping you discover.

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Summer Eclairs with Silikomart

The new range from Silikomart includes three new eclairs moulds. Discover or rediscover the premium quality of fantastic moulds. This silicone is perfectly suited for culinary use and is completely taste and odour free. In comparison to other types of silicone, platinum silicone is the purest and only silicone capable of guaranteeing the complete food friendliness of the finished product. Safety, quality and functionality combined with the extraordinary design of their products makes Silikomart the specialist of reference for silicone products for the confectionery, ice cream and catering industries.


Colourful calissons by Roy René

Roy René is based in the heart of Aix-en-Provence since 1920. The Calisson is made of a mix crushed almonds, melon and candied orange slivers. Roy René kept its traditional recipes which make them the leader in the market. Roy René offers calissons in a wide range of flavours for all the palates: fig, raspberry, lemon, pear, orange and choco-hazelnut.


Whipped ganache macaroons

In keeping with the times, Bridor has developed whipped ganache macaroon recipes for a modern macaroon. The whipped ganache is made with white chocolate, cream (35% fat) and flavouring (such as fruit puree). Whipped ganache gives a refined and well-rounded flavour. Bridor macaroons are lighter, smoother, rounder, and lower in fat!