Seasonal collections | 30 January 2020

Collection 2020


Explore our new Spring-Summer 2020 Collection. Our gourmet and irresistible product selection will inspire you to create blooming recipes for all your celebrations, from Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Chelsea Flower Show to summer events. Do not miss our exclusive Pastry and Cuisine offers plus inspiring recipes!


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The Seafood Selection

Enjoy our amazing seafood range with gourmet prawns and octopus, from the best fishing grounds.
Boiled or grilled, the delicious taste of octopus cooked in its own juice, it will easily enhance a simple salad with a drizzle of Moulin Cornille fruity black olive oil or Terre Bormane Citrino olive oil... What a delight to start Spring!

The Carabineros, Mediterranean Red Prawns or Blue Belly Prawns can be grilled or served raw as a ceviche, carpaccio, tartars or in salads to add a touch of freshness.
Look at our gourmet prawns’ range and get 10% OFF for any purchase until April 30th.


Juan Pedro Domecq - Pork de Bellota Pure Iberico

Raised in the Juan Pedro Domecq farms, Domecq’s pure Iberico pigs are controlled at all stages of production to ensure the upmost best quality. Juicy and tender, Domecq’s Iberian meat offers an inimitable taste.
Enjoy our offer on Juan Pedro Domecq Secreto de Bellota pure Iberico and get 15% OFF until April 30th.


Rubies in the Rubble - A Sustainable Condiment

Treat yourself with a delicious and sustainable 100% natural Rubies in the Rubbles tomato ketchup. A tomato ketchup which contains more fruit and only 1/2 the refined sugar compared to other brands, thanks to the addition of pear which gives a natural sweetness.
Get 20% OFF, for any purchase of Rubies in the Rubbles tomato ketchup from March 1st to March 31st and from June 1st to June 30th. 


Valrhona - Easter Collection

As Easter and chocolate go hand in hand, Valrhona provides a large choice of products, including new gourmet chocolates, chocolate couvertures, pralines, chocolate bonbons, Easter eggs and animals, moulds and much more to celebrate Easter, for the enjoyment of young and old alike.
Don’t miss our Valrhona offers available until April 30th, including Valrhona Easter animals & Easter eggs, chocolate couvertures and moulds.

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Easter Eggs

Discover a new range of original Easter eggs including crushed almonds eggs, glitter striped eggs or the stunning Croustipop egg, a milk chocolate egg filled with white chocolate puffed rice. As well as, plain chocolate eggs to decorate in order to highlight your creativity and make every Easter egg unique.


Veliche - Chocolate Dots & Praline Paste

Rich in character, complex in flavour and sustainably sourced, Veliche chocolate dots are perfect to create chocolate applications and preparations.
Valentine’s Day, Easter or Chelsea Flower Show, Veliche chocolate dots are easy-to-use for every pastry creation.

Try out the new Veliche paste “Hazelnut 65% Praline” and add a delicious nutty taste to your recipes. 
Have a look at our Veliche selection and get 5% OFF for 15kg of Veliche chocolate dots and praline paste purchased until April 30th.


PCB Creation - Pastry Decoration

Bring the final touch to your creation with PCB Creation pastry decoration, hearts raspberry, dark chocolate eggs “Happy Easter”, white chocolate squares “Mother’s Day” … You will find the perfect decoration to celebrate all your occasions.


PCB Creation - The Bespoke Options

Need to make a moment even more unforgettable? Let your imagination run free by creating your own design and personalise it on chocolate pieces, transfer sheets, fruit leathers, marshmallow… thanks to PCB Creation Bespoke Options.
For any personalisation, get free artwork until April 30th.

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The Moulds Collection

Find the perfect mould to express yourself at any occasion such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, Chelsea Flower Show… and surprise your guests thanks to original shapes. Get inspired by our large range of moulds from our partners PCB Creation, Valrhona and Silikomart, and get 10% OFF for two moulds purchased, until April 30th.


Inspirational Recipes

Discover three inspiring recipes, “Bloom” by Baptiste Blanc, Pastry Chef at l’Ecole Valrhona Tain l’Hermitage, “Plainted Roses” by Glenn Noel, Pastry at l’Ecole Valrhona Dubai and “Valentine’s Day Choux” by Denis Dramé MCA, our in-house Pastry Chef at TheTasteLab London.