New Products | 12 November 2018

The best lamb and venison
from New Zealand with Alliance

The best lamb and venison

Alliance: the New Zealand co-operative, guaranteeing 100% traceability and animal welfare

Alliance is a New Zealand farming co-operative. They have been producing high quality meat for seventy years, and are proud to be trusted by chefs and retailers in 65 countries worldwide.

Farming is in their blood and it all started with a small group of passionate farmers in 1948. They took it upon themselves to form Alliance Freezing Company Limited to process and market high quality meat and co-products to international markets. The first processing plant was opened in the heart of Southland's farming community, Lorneville in 1960, and in 1980 the company’s ownership structure changed to become a farmer-owned co-operative.

Today Alliance Group is one of the world’s largest lamb and venison producers and owned by more than 4,000 family-farms.

Traceability is at the heart of the farming co-operative's ambition. For their TE MANA LAMB™ range, the traceability starts back on the farm with their Farm Assurance Programme. Their state of the art shipping and monitoring systems means they can trace the produce through the entire chain from farm to fork. Their farmers work to the Animal Welfare Advisory Committee standards, caring for the livestock and allowing them to freely spend their lives roaming New Zealand’s lush pastures. At every point the animals are treated humanely and respectfully.

As a co-operative, Alliance also put their people at the heart of the business and all of their profits go back into the farms and are re-invested in the business. Alliance’s success starts on the farm but it’s an ongoing journey to identify opportunities across the entire co-operative to capture more market value so they can pay farmers more for their livestock. That’s why they continually invest in technology and have the highest levels of environmental sustainability.


Pure South lamb

Pure South is Alliance Group's overarching brand and embodies some of the world's finest red meats all grown in the pristine, natural environment of New Zealand. At its core, Pure South is powered by grass; sustainable, abundant, fed by rainwater or from plentiful rivers. Surrounded by ocean, blessed with fertile lands, sustainable natural resources and a temperate climate, New Zealand is definitely a gift to the world in terms of its sustainability for raising premium livestock.

Pure South lamb is free range, grass-fed and naturally nutritious. Alliance’s passionate farmers don’t use growth-promoting hormones. The lambs’ strict grass-fed diet results in a meat that is sweetly-aged and naturally low in fat with fewer calories. Pure South is your opportunity to experience healthy, real food, created by nature, nurtured by New Zealand farmers.



TE MANA means prestige and authority in Maori and it is regarded as ‘food from heaven’. TE MANA LAMB™ is the result of a ten-year farming programme. While breeding sheep to be healthier and better adapted to high country environments, Alliance has discovered a sheep with a different type of fat, an intramuscular fat, higher in Omega-3 with Wagyu beef‐style marbling.

The free-range lamb is raised at high altitude on the pastoral land of the South Island in Spring, and then grazes on chicory pastures in the summer. It’s during those last thirty days living on the chicory pastures that the higher levels of Omega-3 and polyunsaturated fats are produced. The result is a milder tasting, premium quality lamb, that’s versatile to cook with. TE MANA LAMB™ won the Innovation Award for New Zealand’s Most Innovative Food in 2017 and the New Zealand Food Safety Primary Sector Products and Frozen categories at the New Zealand Food Awards in 2018.


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Pure South venison

Alliance’s New Zealand farmed venison has a subtler, less ‘gamey’ flavour than wild venison. This makes it a more versatile meat, more suitable for blending with other flavours and ingredients. Very lean, it provides high quality protein with hardly any fat, making it a great choice for customers who love their meat, but want to opt for a healthier dish. Alliance use Red Deer and Wapiti for their high quality venison.