Seasonal collections | 10 January 2022



Valentine’s Day is the day to celebrate love and to show affection for another person or people. Is there a better way to celebrate it than having fine foods with your special one?

It’s very important to create the best Valentine’s menu and bring passion and romance to the table and make a memorable occasion for your guests.

At Classic Fine Foods we have a fantastic selection of premium products and ingredients to inspire your creativity for your romantic menus.

From cuisine products including French and British oysters, luxurious caviar and heart shaped cheeses to premium pastry products such as chocolates, fruit purées and pastry accessories.




Superior British and French Oysters


Find a remarkable selection of the freshest and tastiest Scottish, English and French oysters including the most prestigious brands such as Fine Claire, Guillardeau, Loch Fyne, Colchester, Maldon and many more.


Luxurious caviar from Sturia


Is there anything more romantic than tasting caviar with champagne? At Classic Fine Foods we have the best French caviar Sturia, with a great selection of the tastiest oscietra and baerii caviar from own fish farm in Aquitaine, southwest of France.

Our dedicated Caviar Specialist Faustine will be delighted to help you select the ideal caviar for your menus ( or 020 7627 9666).


Artisan cheeses

Our Cheese Collection offers a complete range of the finest cheeses from local British cheesemakers around the country as well as from prestigious regions and protected areas in Europe.

The collection includes remarkable cheeses to make Valentine’s Day even more special like the heart shaped Neufchatel, soft, slightly crumbly, mold-ripened and one of the oldest cheeses in France.


Premium chocolates from Valrhona


Valrhona makes the most premium chocolate for the best pastry recipes being the first chocolate option for many Pastry Chefs around the world. The wide range of chocolate couvertures.

We have a range of heart-shaped bonbons in 7 flavours including Jivara Milk Chocolate, Raspberry Dark Chocolate and Vanilla White Chocolate. They also have a selection of all-year around bonbons that thanks to their pink colours and surprising flavours would make a great addition to your Valentine’s Day menu.

With the Valrhona Inspiration range you can also create your unique chocolate desserts in different flavours including intense Strawberry, Opalys 33% white chocolate, Bahibe 46% milk chocolate or Illanka 63% dark chocolate.

Our Chocolate Specialist Sam Smallman will be delighted to help you choose the ideall chocolates for your pastry creations ( or 020 7627 9666).


Premium champagnes and artisan grape juices.



Nothing says better celebration that champagne. Let your customers celebrate love with the fine champagnes from Le Brun de Neuville.

Located in the heart of the Cote de Sezanne slopes, these sparkling wines are a true expression of their terroir and are made using traditional methods for more than 60 years.

For those who don’t drink alcohol, Didier Goubet offers artisan organic grape juices from their independent organic vineyards in Bordeaux, the famed wine-growing region of France.




Their alcohol- and sulphite-free grape juices are the perfect alternative to wine and champagne for all to enjoy and they are also a fantastic drink to create non-alcoholic cocktails.




There is no doubt that Valentine’s Day is a fantastic time to get inspiration and be creative in the kitchen to create your romantic menus and delight your guests.

If you need more information about our range of products or need some help to create your menus, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be very happy to help.

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