New Products | 21 January 2019

Discover the new Valrhona Inspiration
yuzu and raspberry!

Discover the new Valrhona Inspiration

After the launch of Inspiration Strawberry, Passion fruit and Almond in 2018, Valrhona is extending its Inspiration range with two new flavours: Yuzu and Raspberry.

Valrhona Inspiration Yuzu

Inspiration Yuzu gives you yuzu as you have never before seen it, worked with it, or tasted it. Imagine using yuzus’ intense flavour and natural colour in your next recipes – The possibilities are simply endless…Yuzu bursts onto the palate with a unique citrusy taste, which gives way to fresh fruit flavours. The naturally tangy flavour of Valrhona Inspiration Yuzu blends perfectly with dark chocolate, coconut and aromatic herbs. Its sweet tanginess is enhanced with a hint of bitterness that brings out the best in other ingredients you might pair it with. With Inspiration Yuzu, you can rediscover all the subtlety of a citrus fruit mix – grapefruit, mandarin and lime – within each of your creations. Almost all Valrhona's yuzus are farmed in tiny smallholdings found halfway up mountains in south-east Japan’s rural Kochi region. Yuzu grows in small quantities but has an outstanding taste, which only comes about because it comes from a terroir that boasts a citrus-friendly climate and it comes in a rustic, natural variety.

Inspiration Yuzu is ideal for bars and recommended for moulding, mousses, cream mixes & ganaches.

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Valrhona Inspiration Raspberry

Raspberry is part of the Rubus fruit family and originally comes from mountainous areas of Europe and Asia. They are often harvested on a small scale, as they need to be carefully looked after if they are to grow.

In Inspiration Raspberry, the candied raspberry flavour is subtly teamed with all the bright, natural colour you would expect. Enjoy warm notes of raspberry jelly, which give way to the tart flourish that characterizes this red fruit. This truly gourmet flavour works divinely in recipes that include wafer biscuits.

Inspiration Raspberry is ideal for moulding and recommended for bars, mousses, cream mixes & ganaches.

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Precautions and recommendations

Inspiration Yuzu and Inspiration Raspberry are made using real fruit, without any colourings or preservatives. This means they are more delicate to work with, and tend to be thicker than normal chocolates. Here are a few simple recommendations for working with Inspiration products.


• Store your bags of beans at a maximum temperature of 18-20°C away from sunlight and humidity.

• Take care to reseal any bags after opening.


• When you are melting your product, we recommend that you stir it continuously.

• If you are tempering your product, see the graph included on labels for 3kg bags.

Moulded products, bars, chocolate bonbons:

• Leave as short a period of time between making these items and putting them on your store shelves.

• Keep your creations in your store room at a temperature no higher than 18°C, away from light and humidity.